Bulgarian Chemical Communications, Volume 48, Number 4, 2016
H. I. Sbirkova, B. L. Shivachev, Crystal structure of a DNA sequence d (CGTGAATTCACG) at 130K
D. Kumar, A. Kumar, Synthesis and characterization of polymer-anchored transition metal complexes
X. J. Tan, W. H. Wang, P. Li, Theoretical study on the cycloaddition reaction mechanism between azacyclopropenylidene and ethylene
F. Hatamjafari, Nano-BBr3.SiO2: a novel highly efficient heterogeneous catalyst for the one-pot synthesis of 3,4-dihydropyrimidin-2-(1H)-one derivatives
I. G. Stoycheva, B.N. Petrova, B.G. Tsyntsarski, T.K. Budinova, N.V. Petrov, B. Nagel, U. Szeluga, S. Pusz, S. Chajkowska, B. Trzebicka, Removal of mercury from contaminated water by activated carbon produced from waste coal and biomass materials
Z. Piruzmand, J. Safaei-Ghomi, M. A. Ghasemzadeh, A facile solvent-free route for the one-pot multicomponent synthesis of benzylpyrazolyl coumarins catalyzed by FeCl3.SiO2 nanoparticles
Y. N. Trifonova, V. C. Ivanova, A. A. Stoilova, V. D. Lilova, Comparative analysis of some physico-chemical properties of the glassy systems (GeSe5)100-xInx and (GeTe5)100-xInx
M.R. Majdi, I. Danaee, S. Nikmanesh, Kinetic and thermodynamic investigations on the electrocoagulation of methyl orange from aqueous solution using aluminum electrodes
M. Kolivand, Z. Aghajani: The effects of drought stress on the components of the essential oil of evening primrose (Oenothera macrocarpa) and determination of the biological activities of its extracts
H. Sam-Daliri, Z. Mousavi, N. Naderi, J. Asgarpanah, Chemical composition and analgesic activity of the essential oil of Mentha mozaffarianii jamzad leaves
F. Faiku, A. Haziri, Assessment of the water quality of Lumbardhi river, Prizren (Kosovo)
12 S. M. Hussain, J. Jain, G. S. Seth, Hall effects on MHD natural convection flow with heat and mass transfer of heat absorbing and chemically reacting fluid past a vertical plate with ramped temperature and ramped surface concentration
13 Nirmala Vaz,. A. S. Manjunatha, Puttaswamy, Mechanistic insight into the oxidation of atropine sulfate monohydrate with aqueous acidic chloramine-T: Design of kinetic modeling
14 D. Pecarski, S. Ketin, I. Omerovic, M. Mirkovic, Z. Jugovic, R. Biocanin, Chemical compositions and antimicrobial activities of oregano and thyme essential oils
15 A. K. Detcheva, V. D. Simeonov, E. H. Ivanova, Chemometric expertise of Bulgarian mineral, spring and table waters
16 M. P. Slavova, R. T. Georgieva-Nikolova, M. M. Nikolova, R. K. Hadjiolova, Quartz crystal microbalance-based unlabeled immunosensor for the determination of aflatoxin B1
17 M. Ghashang, M.R.M. Shafiee, S. Delzendeh, A. Fazlinia, H. Esfandiari, M.N. Biregan1, N. Heydari, Preparation of α-benzylamino coumarin derivatives using oxalic acid in aqueous media
18 A. Benabida, M. Cherkaoui, Tin electrodeposition in the presence of Linseed essential oil
19 M. Tavlinova-Kirilova, M. Marinova, P. Angelova, M. Kamenova-Nacheva, K. Kostova, V. Dimitrov, Three component condensation of a Betti-type – efficient tool for synthesis of chiral naphthoxazines and aminobenzylnaphthols for enantioselective diethylzinc addition to aldehydes
20 T. K. Pencheva, M. K. Angelova, Modified multi-population genetic algorithms for parameter identification of yeast fed-batch cultivation
21 H. Paluzar, A. Sagiroglu, In Vitro effects of pesticide exposure on Bovine liver catalase activity
22 V.S. Satam, P.C. Patil, B. Babu, K.A. Brien, M. Gregory, M. Bowerman, J. Sweers, A. Mepham, M. Lee, Synthesis of 2-(substituted)-3H-benzimidazole-5-carboxylic acids and 2-(substituted)-3H-imidazo[4,5-b]pyridine-5-carboxylic acids: synthons for fluorescent Hx and aza-Hx amides
23 W. Bogacz, M. Lemanowicz, A. Gierczycki, W. Kuźnik, Thermosensitive flocculation of aqueous suspension using a UCST polymer
24 V. Dimova, I. Jordanov, L. Dimitrov, QSAR analysis of N1-substituted 1,2,4-triazoles against Escherichia coli
25 B. B. Nyakuma, Physicochemical characterization and thermal analysis of newly discovered Nigerian coals
26 I. Niamat, A.R. Tariq, M. Imran, F. Kanwal, L. Mitu, Stabilization of sunflower oil with extracts from fenugreek, mint and liquorice
27 S. K. Veleva, L. Z. Stoyanov, A. E. Stoyanova, Ch. A. Girginov, M. A. Mladenov, D. G. Kovacheva, R. G. Raicheff, A hybrid supercapacitor activated carbon/LiBF4/activated carbon–biogenic Fe2O3 composite
28 T. Yetim, Corrosion behavior of 316L stainless steel in treated and untreated artificial effluent solutions (AESs)
29 G.S. Seth, R. Tripathi, R. Sharma, An analysis of MHD natural convection heat and mass transfer flow with Hall effects of a heat absorbing, radiating and rotating fluid over an exponentially accelerated moving vertical plate with ramped temperature
30 S. K. Rout, P. Padhi, D.Panda, Effect of modification of Zeolite A using Poly Vinyl Alcohol (PVA)
31 Y. G. Wang, G. R. Yang, F. Wang, M. J. Yang, J. LI, X. F. Liu, M. G. Wang, X. L. Wang, Antioxidant activity of secondary metabolites and mycelium extracts of endophytic fungi isolated from Astragalus monadelphus
32 Z. Li, Y. Liu, Z. Wang, Experimental study on thermal oxidation of ultra-low concentration methane in a non-catalytic reverse-flow reactor
33 C. Lin, G. R. Yang, Y. G. Wang, M. J. Yang, X. F. Liu, Study on the extraction, antioxidant activity of polysaccharides from Piteguo fruit