Bulgarian Chemical Communications, Volume 49, Special Issue-L, 2017
Yu. Raynova, Kr. Idakieva, M. Guncheva, V. Uzunova, P. Ossowicz, E.Janus, I. Angelov, Rumiana Tzoneva, Hemocyanin from Rapana thomasiana – structure and anti-breast cancer activity in a presence of cholinium amino acids
Y. Raynova, S. Todinova, K. Idakieva, Thermal stability of Helix aspersa maxima hemocyanin
V.I. Iliev, D.V. Tomova, V.F. Georgiev, S.K. Rakovsky, Promoting the oxidative removal rate of 4-chlorophenol on gold-doped TiO2/graphene photocatalysts under UV light irradiation
T.T. Batakliev, V.F. Georgiev, P.A. Karakashkova, M.V. Gabrovska, D.A. Nikolova, M.P. Anachkov, S.K. Rakovsky, Gas phase ozone decomposition over co-precipitated Ni-based catalysts
V.F. Georgiev, V. Iliev, A.E. Eliyas, T.T. Batakliev, M.P. Anachkov, V.Е. Serga, P.A. Karakashkova, S.K. Rakovsky, Effectiveness of TiO2-based photocatalysts in the ozone assisted oxidative degradation of model wastewater contaminant adipic acid under UV-light irradiation.
M.P. Anachkov, P.A. Karakashkova, V.F. Georgiev, S.K. Rakovsky, L.S. Minchev, T.T .Batakliev, Kinetics and mechanism of the ozone reaction with cyclohexane in liquid phase
A.H. Braga, J.B.O. Santos, J.M.C. Bueno, S. Damyanova, Study of CoNi catalysts for ethanol steam reforming
D.I. Ivanova, G.P. Ilieva, L.B. Fachikov, Cold plastic deformation effects on the mechanical properties and corrosion behaviour of low-alloyed (2% Cr) steel
E.N. Kolentsova, D.Y. Dimitrov, K.I. Ivanov, T.T. Tabakova, Y.G. Karakirova, K.K. Tenchev, G.V. Avdeev, CO and VOCs oxidation over alumina supported Cu-Mn catalysts modified by cerium
P.M. Miladinova, D.A. Todorova, Synthesis and photophysical properties of a novel benzanthrone pH sensor based on internal charge transfer
P. G. Velichkova, T. V. Ivanov, I. G. Lalov, A study of the energy potential of vinasse
U. Vrabič Brodnjak, The effect of ultrasound treatment on soy protein and chitosan coating solution for pac aging paper
U. Vrabič Brodnjak, D. Muck, Printing quality of chitosan-rice starch coated packaging paper
N. Yotov, I. Valchev, S. Petrin, V. Savov, Lignosulphonate and waste technical hydrolysis lignin as adhesives for eco-friendly fiberboard
K. Dimitrov, V. Yavorova, M. Herzog, S. Nenkova, Adhesives based on recycled polyurethane foam for wood based materials
P.G. Velichkova, T.V. Ivanov, I.G. Lalov, Magnetically assisted fluidized bed bioreactor for bioethanol production
17 R. Boeva, G. Radeva, I. Spiridonov, Оbtaining of high yield fibrous material from hardwood and evalution of their optical properties of in process of thermal treatment
18 R. Boeva, I. Spiridonov, T. Bozhkova, D. Novakovic, B. Banjanin, Evaluation of changes in the optical properties of high yield fibrous materials under thermal treatement
19 R. Boeva, I. Spiridonov, G. Radeva, Fast growing paulownia wood – perspective raw material for production of fibrous materials
20 R. Boeva, I. Spiridonov, Živko Pavlović, Gojko Vladić, Investigation of color charactesristics changes of semi chemical pulp samples in process of ageing
21 N. Kašiković,, M. Stančić, I. Spiridonov, D. Novaković, R. Milošević, D. Grujić, B. Ružičić, The effect of washing temperature and number of washing cycles on the quality of screen printed textiles materials
22 S. Dedijer, I. Tomić, I. Spiridonov, R. Boeva, I. Jurič, N. Milić, S. Đurđević, Assessment of using ink - jet imprints in just noticeable color difference evaluation
23 S. Dedijer, M. Pal, R. Boeva, I. Spiridonov, T. Bozhkova, V. Zorić, Ž. Zeljković, Characterization of flexo and letterpress printing plate’s surface roughness by indirect SEM image-based profilometry
24 G. Vladić, N. Kašiković, I. Spiridonov, R. Boeva, I. Pinćjer, M. Stančić , The colorimetric and microscopic analysis of differences in colorfastness to rubbing process caused by different composition of screen print inks
25 T. Bozhkova, I. Spiridonov, A. Ganchev, R.Boeva- Spridonova, Studies of technologies for exposing photopolymer plates in a controlled atmosphere and their application on a corrugated post print
26 T. Bozhkova, R. Boeva, I. T. Spridonov, J. Sapkota, Y. V. Nedelchev, N. Kašiković, S. Dedijer, M. Pal, Improvement of physical-mechanical and optical properties of the packaging production trough coating with aqueous polymer dispersions in accordance with the environmental protection requirements
27 A. Matev, P. Velev, S. Ismail, M. Herzog, Preparing, properties and application of waterborne polyurethane-acrylate oligomer as a matrix in UV-cured fiberglasses
28 D.A. Todorova, P.M. Miladinova, Investigation on the influence of reactive dyes over the colour stability of offset printing paper during ageing
29 D.A. Todorova, P.M.Miladinova, V.N. Blyahovski, Dyeing of offset printing paper with new reactive dyes - influence over the paper properties and the ageing
30 T. Bozhkova, I. Spiridonov, K. Shterev, Overview of security printing types and trends in its future development
31 I. Tzvetanska, V.Lasheva, New methods of protection during the conservation of books
32 R.T.Cenkova, V. Lasheva, Conservation and restoration of documents from the National Historical Museum fund by appropriate methods
33 D.A. Todorova, V.G. Lasheva, Study the possibilities of using silver nanoparticles in packaging paper
S.P. Vladimirova, M.B. Georgieva, Synthesis and SAR evaluation of the phytochemical activity of new N-pyrrolylcarboxylic acids
35 Ž. Pavlović, M. Pal, T. Cigula, R. Boeva, I. Spiridonov, T. Bozhkova, M. Prica, Comparative study of offset plate tone value reproduction using different measuring and image processing tools
36 I.T. Spiridonov, R.K. Boeva, I.V. Lozanova-Doncheva, T.Ts. Bozhkova, Ž. Pavlović, G. Vladić, N. Kašiković, M. Stančić, B. Tacheva, Study of color characteristic changes of printed images under artificial ageing on different papers
37 B.I. Nikolova-Mladenova, S.E. Angelova, Ga(III) complexes of methoxy substituted aroyl- hydrazones: ynthesis, characterization and DFT calculations