Bulgarian Chemical Communications, Volume 50, Special Issue-J, 2018

Pages 5-5
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Scientific biography of Professor DSc Tsonko Mitev Kolev
Pages 6 – 10
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Neutral versus protonated uracil: CASPT2 theoretical study of the mechanisms of NH-photodissociation
Original Research Article
Pages 11 – 16
V. B. Delchev
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Predicting molecular properties using theoretical parameters: substituted pyridines
Original Research Article
Pages 17 – 22
G. Koleva, B. Galabov
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New fluorescent PAMAM dendron with sensor and microbiological activity
Original Research Article
Pages 23 – 31
D. Staneva, E. Vasileva-Tonkova, I. Grabchev
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Novel asymmetric azaquinolizinium monomethine cyanine dyes versus a Thiazole Orange analog: a comparison of photophysical and dsDNA binding properties
Original Research Article
Pages 32 – 39
A. A. Vasilev, M. I. Kandinska, Y. Zagranyarski, D. Sucunza, J. J. Vaquero, O. D. Castaño, S. E. Angelova
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Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors selected by docking-based screening – proof-of-concept study
Original Research Article
Pages 40 – 48
G. Stavrakov, I. Philipova, A. Lukarski, I. Valkova, M. Atanasova, I. Dimitrov, S. Konstantinov, I. Doytchinova
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Rhodium-modified carbonaceous electrodes: application to electrochemical sensing of hydrogen peroxide
Original Research Article
Pages 49 – 54
Y. L. Lazarova, T. M. Dodevska
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Mechanism of therapeutic action of abiogenic Li+ and Ga3+ ions: insights from theoretical studies
Original Research Article
Pages 55 – 62
N. Kircheva, T. Dudev
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New phase obtained at mutual transformations of zinc hydroxy-salts
Original Research Article
Pages 63 – 72
Ts. Stanimirova, Z. Delcheva, N. Petrova
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A new polymorph of Bisacodyl
Original Research Article
Pages 73 – 78
V. Dyulgerov, Hr. Sbirkova-Dimitrova, L. Tsvetanova, R. Rusew, Boris Shivachev
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Ureates and hydrates of magnesium chloride, nitrate and tetrafluoroborate
Original Research Article
Pages 79 – 89
R. Rusev, L. Tsvetanova, B. Shivachev, K. Kossev, R. Nikolova
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Auto-freeze drying by zeolites
Original Research Article
Pages 90 – 96
G. Kirov, N. Petrova, Ts. Stanimirova
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Preparation of hydroxyapatite/hyaluronan biomimetic nano-hybrid material for reconstruction of critical size bone defects
Original Research Article
Pages 97 – 105
R. Ilieva, E. Dyulgerova, O. Petrov, M. Tarassov, A. Gusiyska, R. Vasileva
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The crystal structures of l-leucinium hydrogensquarate monohydrate and dl-leucinium hydrogensquarate
Original Research Article
Pages 106 – 113
R. W. Seidel, S. Zareva
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Structural peculiarities of natural chabazite modified by ZnCl2 and NiCl2
Original Research Article
Pages 114 – 122
L. T. Dimowa, I. Piroeva, S. Atanasova-Vladimirova, R. Rusew, B. L. Shivachev
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Crystal structure and spectral study of 3-methylpyridazinium hydrogensquarate
Original Research Article
Pages 123 – 129
S. Y. Zareva, G. G. Gencheva
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Divalent metal ions binding to lactose: a DFT computational study
Original Research Article
Pages 130 – 134
S. Angelova, V. Nikolova, T. Dudev
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Surface chemical states of cellulose, chitin and chitosan studied by density functional theory and high-resolution photoelectron spectroscopy
Original Research Article
Pages 135 – 146
K. L. Kostov*, E. Belamie, B. Alonso, T. Mineva
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IR spectral and structural changes caused by the conversion of salophen into oxyanion and dianion
Original Research Article
Pages 147 – 155
S. Stoyanov, E. Velcheva, B. Stamboliyska
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Syntheses and vibrational spectroscopic characteristics of series ionic merocyanine dyes
Original Research Article
Pages 156 – 164
M. Todorova, R. Bakalska
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3-nitrotyrosine as a serum biomarker of nitroxidative stress and insulin resistance in nascent metabolic syndrome
Original Research Article
Pages 165 – 171
T. R. Stankova, G. T. Delcheva, K. I. Stefanova, A. I. Maneva, S. V. Vladeva, G. A. Tsvetkova
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Aerogels – new materials with promising applications
Original Research Article
Pages 172 – 177
N. Danchova, D. Paskalev, S. Gutzov
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A novel monomeric asymmetric tricationic monomethine cyanine dye – Thiazole Orange (TO) analog: synthesis, photophysical and dsDNA binding properties
Original Research Article
Pages 178 – 184
M. I. Kandinska, A. A. Vasilev, V. S. Videva, S. E. Angelova
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Amino acids substituted phthalocyanine complexes: an overview on the synthetic approaches and UV-vis properties related to photodynamic applications
Original Research Article
Pages 185 – 192
V. Mantareva, M. Aliosman, M. Durmuş, I. Angelov
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In silico ADME and drug-likeness evaluation of a series of cytotoxic polyprenylated acylphloroglucinols, isolated from Hypericum annulatum Morris subsp. annulatum
Original Research Article
Pages 193 – 199
Y. Ilieva, Z. Kokanova-Nedialkova, P. Nedialkov, G. Momekov
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Performance of metathesis reactions using different nano-sized ferrite-type catalysts
Original Research Article
Pages 200 – 207
S. S. Dimova, K. L. Zaharieva, F. S. Ublekov, H. P. Penchev
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Fluorwavellite from Petroshnitsa river valley, Republic of Macedonia
Original Research Article
Pages 208 – 214
R. Nikolova, Sl. Mankov, N. Petrova, R. Titorenkova
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Proton conductive PBI membranes, containing cross-linked polyvinylsulfonic acid, for PEM fuel cells
Original Research Article
Pages 215 – 221
M. Staneva, I. Radev, F. Ublekov, D. Budurova, V. Sinigersky, H. Penchev
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Effect of synthesis conditions on the photocatalytic efficiency of NiMnO3/Mn2O3, NiMn2O4/NiMnO3/Mn2O3 and Ni6MnO8/NiMnO3/Mn2O3 for the degradation of Malachite Green dye under UV-light
Original Research Article
Pages 222 – 227
K. L. Zaharieva, K. I. Milenova, S. S. Dimova, S. V. Vassilev, I. D. Stambolova, V. N. Blaskov
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Sulfur and selenium derivatives of suberoyl anilide hydroxamic acid (SAHA) as a plausible HDAC inhibitors: a DFT study of their tautomerism and metal affinity/selectivity
Original Research Article
Pages 228 – 236
D. Cheshmedzhieva, N. Toshev, M. Gerova, O. Petrov, T. Dudev
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Pd(II) and Pd(IV) complexes with new hydantoin based ligand. Synthesis, characterization, computational and pharmacological studies
Original Research Article
Pages 237 – 242
E. Cherneva, R. Buyukliev, N. Burdjiev, R. Michailova, A. Bakalova
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Insights in the photophysics of 2-[2’-hydroxyphenyl]-quinazolin-4-one isomers by DFT modeling in the ground S0 and excited S1 states
Original Research Article
Pages 243 – 250

J. Kaneti, S. M. Bakalova, I. P. Angelov
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Coordination of bis((dimethylphosphinyl)methyl)amine to copper(II). Synthesis and single-crystal structure of its mononuclear octahedral copper(II) complex
Original Research Article
Pages 251 – 259
Zh. V. Georgieva, A. G. Ugrinov, R. P. Nikolova, B. L. Shivachev, S. Y. Zareva, S. G. Varbanov, T. D. Tosheva, G. G. Gencheva
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4-Methylquinolinium hydrogensquarate – crystal structure and spectroscopic elucidation
Original Research Article
Pages 260 – 269
S. Kotov, H. Mayer-Figge, S. Zareva
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Structural and chemical evolution of mineral forms of tungsten in the oxidation zone of the Grantcharitza deposit (Western Rhodopes, Bulgaria)
Original Research Article
Pages 270 – 280
M. P. Tarassov, E. D. Tarassova
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