Bulgarian Chemical Communications, Volume 51, Number 1, 2019

Iron, manganese, vanadium, copper and zinc of the Cretaceous-paleogene boundary fish clay at the Kirkevig site (Højerup, Stevns Klint, Denmark)
Original Research Article
Pages 5 – 9
M. G. Đorđević, P. I. Premović
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Effect of ultrasound waves intensity on the removal of Congo red dye from the textile industry wastewater by Fe3O4@TiO2 core-shell nanospheres
Original Research Article
Pages 10 – 15
H. Ghaforyan, T. Ghaffary, S. Mohammadibilankohi, M. Hasanpour, M. Ebrahimzadeh, R. Pincak, M. Farkhan
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Determination of the pKa values of some pyridine derivatives by computational methods
Original Research Article
Pages 16 – 19
V. E. Atalay
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Protecting effect of vitamin U against amiodarone-induced hepatic damage via its antioxidative activity
Original Research Article
Pages 20 – 24
I. B. Turkyilmaz, R. Yanardag
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Degradation of sulfonamides in aqueous solution by an electro/Fe2+/peroxydisulfate process
Original Research Article
Pages 25 – 30
N. N. Wu, Y. He, Y. C. Tan, Y. S. Wang, W. T. Fang
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Anticorrosive potential of ethanol extract of Delonix elata for mild steel in 0.5 M H2SO4 - a green approach
Original Research Article
Pages 31 – 37
D. Mahalakshmi, C. B. N. Unnisa, V. Hemapriya, E. P. Subramaniam, S. M. Roopan, S. Chitra, I.- M. Chung, S.-H. Kim, M. Prabakaran
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Extraction of zinc and copper from a contaminated soil by using organic acids
Original Research Article
Pages 38 – 47
D. Paliulis
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The effects of epoxyacrylate coating on printability of bio/synthetic-based fabrics in a thermal transfer printing system
Original Research Article
Pages 48 – 53
S. Sönmez, Z. Yıldız, A. Akgül
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Hydrogen evolution reaction on electroless Ni-P coatings deposited at different pH values
Original Research Article
Pages 54 – 59
V. Chakarova, М. Моnev
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In silico investigation of the relation between calcium channel blockers’ molecular descriptors and oral bioavailability data
Original Research Article
Pages 60 – 65
J. V. Odović
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Improvement of the electrochemical properties of Ni-Zn rechargeable batteries by adding B(Pb)SrCaCuO conducting ceramics
Original Research Article
Pages 66 – 72
G. Ivanova, A. Stoyanova-Ivanova, D. Kovacheva, A. Stoyanova
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Synthesis and biological activity of 2-alkylthio-5-(4-N-acetyl(Nchloroacetyl)aminophenyl)-1,3,4-oxadiazoles
Original Research Article
Pages 73 – 79
D. S. Ismailova, A. A. Ziyaev, S. A. Sasmakov, U. S. Makhmudov, Sh. Sh. Khasanov, Sh. S. Azimova, B. Zh. Elmuradov
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Development and validation of a chromatographic method to identify and quantify the flavonoids extracted from S. rebaudiana Bertoni
Original Research Article
Pages 80 – 87
A. Carrera-Lanestosa, M. Segura-Campos, T. Coral-Martinez, D. Ruíz-Ciau, J. Araujo-León, D. Betancur-Ancona, Y. Moguel-Ordóñez
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Application of vibrational spectroscopy and XRD analysis for investigation of calcium oxalate kidney stones
Original Research Article
Pages 88– 95
D. Petrova, K.Petkova, I. Saltirov, Ts. Kolev
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Experimental study on coalbed methane (CBM) displacement by mixed carbon dioxide and nitrogen
Original Research Article
Pages 96 – 102
Wenxu She, Junbin Chen,Hai Huang, Haoping Zhu, Jianyong Lei, Dazhong Ren,Yunyun Bai,Fengjuan Dong,Fu Yang
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Characterization of extracts from red hot pepper (Capsicum annuum L.)
Original Research Article
Pages 103 – 112
J. M. Simonovska, D. Y. Yancheva, B. P. Mikhova, S. M. Momchilova, Ž. F. Knez, M. J. Primožić, Z. S. Kavrakovski, V. G. Rafajlovska
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Polyphenols content and antioxidant activity of various pomegranate juices
Original Research Article
Pages 113 – 116
S. I. Papanov, Ek. G. Petkova, I. G. Ivanov
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Hydrophilic gel containing coenzyme Q10-loaded liposomes: preparation, characterization and stress stability tests
Original Research Article
Pages 117 – 124
N. Dragicevic, D. Krajisnik, J. Milic, D. Pecarski, Z. Jugović
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Electrocatalytic oxidation of moxifloxacin hydrochloride on modified glassy carbon surface and determination in Avelox tablets
Original Research Article
Pages 125 – 133
M. Sadikoglu, U. I. Soylu, S. Yilmaz, B. Selvi, H.Yildiz Seckin, A. Nosal-Wiercinska
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On the esterification reaction of phenacyl bromide with benzoic acids: microwave and ultrasound versus conventional heating
Original Research Article
Pages 134 – 145
T. Erdogan
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Cadmium(II) organometallic complex with 4-chloro-N ((pyridine – 2 yl) methylene) benzene amine: synthesis, spectroscopy and antibacterial evaluation
Original Research Article
Pages 146 – 151
B. Jamali Aghbash, M. Manoochehri, M. Daghighi Asli
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23 Acknowledgement to Reviewers for vol. 50 (2018)