Bulgarian Chemical Communications, Volume 52, Number 4, 2020

Ultrasound-assisted extraction of thymol from Zataria multiflora Boiss.: Optimization by response surface methodology and comparison with conventional Soxhlet extraction
Original Research Article
Pages 419 – 427
N. Alirezapour, A. Haghighi Asl, M. Khajenoori
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Yield and chemical composition of oil isolated from Algerian Hypericum perforatum L. as influenced by the plant habitat, harvesting date and plant organ
Original Research Article
Pages 428 – 434
M. Abdelhadi, A. Hassani , H. Boudjella , S.-A. Rezzoug
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Influence of the sparger in a down flow jet loop reactor on the neutralization of alkaline solution by carbon dioxide absorption
Original Research Article
Pages 435 – 439
G. Mugaishudeen, K. Saravanan
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Spectroscopic (FT-IR & FT-Raman), Fukui function and molecular docking analysis of 6-amino-7,9-dihydropurine-8-thione by DFT approach
Original Research Article
Pages 440 – 447
P. Chakkaravarthy , V. Vetrivelan , S. Syed Shafi , S. Muthu
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A bromide-selective PVC membrane potentiometric sensor
Original Research Article
Pages 448 – 452
Ö. Isildak, O. Özbek, K. M. Yigit
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Clerodane diterpenoids from Teucrium scordium L. subsp. scordioides (Shreb.) Maire et Petitmengin
Original Research Article
Pages 453 – 459
P. I. Bozov, P. N. Penchev , Y. P. Georgieva , V. K. Gochev
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Chemical composition, sensory evaluation and antimicrobial activity of Taif rose (Rosa damascena Mill.) essential oils
Original Research Article
Pages 460 – 466
M. Kurkcuoglu , K. H. C. Baser , S. G. Aкterian , H. N. Fidan, A. S. Stoyanova
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Prediction of the pressure, velocity and axial mass flux profiles within a high-speed rotating cylinder in total reflux condition via modified dsmcFoam solver
Original Research Article
Pages 467 –480
S. Yousefi-Nasab, J. Safdari , J. Karimi-Sabet , A. Norouzi
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Dual functional azo polysiloxane dyes for polyester: synthesis and application
Original Research Article
Pages 481 – 487
H. K. Sheikh , T. Arshad , Z. S. Muhammad , M. M. Hasan , F. Nasir , M. H. Kazmi
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New neurotensin analogue with improving effect on some affective symptoms in Parkinson’s disease model in rats
Original Research Article
Pages 488 – 492
A. Popatanasov, S. Abarova , L. P. Tancheva , T. Pajpanova
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Studies on FeP/TiO2 catalysts in the ammoxidation of 2-methyl pyrazine to 2-cyano pyrazine
Original Research Article
Pages 493 – 499
N. Pasupulety, M. Daous, A. A. Al-Zahrani, H. Driss, L. A. Petrov
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Optimization of osmotic dehydration parameters for sweet cherries (Prunus avium) using response surface methodology
Original Research Article
Pages 500 – 505
S. Zhelyazkov, S. Aleksandrov , M. Ruskova , T.Petrova , V. Gotcheva , N. Penov
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Integrated membrane processes for green technologies Selected papers presented on the workshop "Method for assessment the transfer efficiency of integrated processes in bioreactor with membrane separation" , 10-11.09.2019, Sofia, Bulgaria

On the potential of integrating extraction with nanofiltration for separating and concentrating polyphenols from plant materials
Original Research Article
Pages 509 – 518
I. Tsibranska, E. Simeonov
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Extraction of biologically active compounds from Ñora pepper and their successive concentration by membrane processes
Original Research Article
Pages 519 – 524
B. Tylkowski, M. Haponska, E. Aguilar Rodríguez , K. Fierro Troncoso , R. Jastrzab
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Organic solvent nanofiltration of extracts from Hypericum Perforatum L.: effect of variable feed composition on rejection and flux decline
Original Research Article
Pages 525 – 531
I. Saykova, I. Trayanov M. Bojkova , N. Stoilova , M. Funeva-Peycheva
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Theoretical assessment of the use of nanofiltration for fractionation of waste aqueous fractions from the essential oil industry
Original Research Article
Pages 532 – 542
D. Peshev
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Extraction of bioactive compounds from conifers growing in the Windsor Great Park and other arboretums
Original Research Article
Pages 543 – 548
D. I. Ivanova, R. P. Adams , J. Anderson , A. N. Tashev , P. T. Nedialkov , Z. K. KokanovaNedialkova , Y. E. Ilieva , T. N. Atanassova , G. I. Kalotova , G. Angelov1 , H. М. Najdenski
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Influence of amphotericin B on the physicochemical properties of model lipid membranes
Original Research Article
Pages 549 – 553
M. Dencheva-Zarkova, J. Genova
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Advances in particle size analysis with transmitted light techniques
Original Research Article
Pages 554 – 560
D. Wirz, H.-J. Bart
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Numerical investigation of hydrodynamics in submerged membrane bioreactor with aeration
Original Research Article
Pages 561 – 568
V. Iliev, D. Moutafchieva, R. Doukovski
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