Bulgarian Chemical Communications, Volume 52, Special Issue-A, 2020
Selected papers presented at the Eighth International Conference “Modern Trends in Science” - FMNS-2019,
26-30 June 2019, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria
  Editorial – FMNS-2020    

Section: Chemistry


HPLC method for analyzing new compounds – analogs of an antineoplastic drug
Original Research Article
Pages 9 – 16
N. Agova, S. Georgieva, St. Stoeva, S. Stamova, J. Mitkov
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Evaluation of separator influence on charge acceptance of negative plates of lead-acid batteries
Original Research Article
Pages 17 – 22
A. Aleksandrova, M. Matrakova, M. Dimitrov
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Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of novel kojyl carbamates
Original Research Article
Pages 23 – 29
B. Stoykova, M. Chochkova, I. Tsvetkova, H. Najdenski, M. Štícha, K. Ranchova, Ts. Milkova
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Hybrid MFC-MEC systems: principles and applications
Original Research Article
Pages 30 – 34
E. Chorbadzhiyska, D. Apostolova, I. Bardarov, M. Mitov, Y. Hubenova
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Comparative study of the catalytic and non-catalytic oxidation of sulfide from model solutions of sea water
Original Research Article
Pages 35 – 38
N. Dr.Dermendzhieva, E. N. Razkazova-Velkova, V. N. Beschkov
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Mathematical modeling of drying kinetics of Morchella esculenta mushroom, Bulgaria
Original Research Article
Pages 39 – 46
M. Ivanova, N. Katrandzhiev, L. Dospatliev, P. Papazov, P. Denev
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Activity concentrations of Cs-137, Cs134, Th-234 and K-40 in wild edible mushrooms gathered 32 years after the Chernobyl power plant accident in Batak Mountain, Bulgaria
Original Research Article
Pages 47 – 52
M. Lacheva, L. Dospatliev, Tz. Radoukova, M. Ivanova
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The trace element contents in wild edible mushrooms samples and econometric modeling of data
Original Research Article
Pages 53 – 58
M. Ivanova, M. Lacheva, Tz. Radoukova, L. Dospatliev
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Fatty acids and phospholipids of edible wild mushroom (Amanita caesarea) from the Batak Mountain, Bulgaria
Original Research Article
Pages 59 – 64
L. Dospatliev, M. Ivanova
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Relationship between lipophilicity and protein binding of some potential angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors
Original Research Article
Pages 65 – 68
T. A. Dzimbova, A. G. Chapkanov
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Microbial fuel cell for metal sulfide oxidation and nitrate reduction. Part I. Preliminary investigation of electrogenic properties
Original Research Article
Pages 69 – 73
M. Jordanova, D. Yankov, St. Stefanov, E. Razkazova-Velkova
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Electrochemical behavior of lead acid battery alloys in the presence of different surfactant additives in the electrolyte
Original Research Article
Pages 74 – 79
M. Matrakova, A. Aleksandrova, P. Nikolov, O. Saoudi, L. Zerroual
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Probable skin metabolic activity of third-generation retinoids and newly synthesized derivatives of bexarotene
Original Research Article
Pages 80 – 86
Y. K. Koleva, S. F. Georgieva, N. V. Agova
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Wastewater treatment of sulfur and nitrate contaminated fluxes into fuel cells
Original Research Article
Pages 87 – 92
E. Razkazova-Velkova, S. Stefanov, T. Parvanova-Mancheva, M. Martinov
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QSAR analysis of coumarins, flavones and their bicyclo ethers as monoamine oxidases inhibitors
Original Research Article
Pages 93 – 100
A. Zh. Rizakov, M. K. Kolev, Zh. A. Velkov
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QSAR analysis of coumarin derivatives as potent monoamine oxidases inhibitors
Original Research Article
Pages 101 – 105
N. B. Lazarov, M. K. Kolev, Zh. A. Velkov
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  Section: Methodology of Education    

Modern educational technologies in physics teaching
Original Research Article
Pages 109 – 113
G. Kalpachka
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Аlkaline salts of higher fatty acids (soaps) - science and attraction
Original Research Article
Pages 114 – 116
M. Shekerliyska
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Fire magic with alkali metals and their compounds
Original Research Article
Pages 117 – 120
E. Chorbadzhiyska, D. Apostolova, Y. Nacheva
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Interdisciplinary relations in physics education – an important factor in improving student motivation
Original Research Article
Pages 121 – 128
R. I. Vassileva, G. Malchev
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  Section: Physics    

Study of residual stresses in electron beam welded constructive steel via neutron diffraction method
Original Research Article
Pages 129 – 133
D. Kaisheva, P. Petrov, G. Bokuchava, I. Papushkin
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Chitosan/alginate nano-spheres for curcumin loading and delivery
Original Research Article
Pages 134 – 140
S. Milenkova, B. Pilicheva, S.Tsoneva, M. Marudova
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Modeling of light propagation in layered inhomogeneous medium
Original Research Article
Pages 141 – 143
R. Kozhabayev, N. Shuyushbayeva, N. Tanasheva, A. Meirmanova
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Study of the metal parts of the electrohydropulse drill
Original Research Article
Pages 144 – 146
N. Shuyushbayeva, M. Stoev, N.Tanasheva, G. Altayeva, D.Sadvakasova, A. Meirmanova
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Application of nuclear track emulsion in low-energy studies
Original Research Article
Pages 147 – 151
R. Stanoeva, D. A. Artemenkov, V. Bradnova, E. Mitsova, V. V. Rusakova, A. A. Zaitsev, P. I. Zarubin, I. G. Zarubina
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Investigation of the dissociation of 10B nuclei in nuclear track emulsion
Original Research Article
Pages 152 – 156
E. Mitsova, A. A. Zaitsev, R. Stanoeva, P. I. Zarubin
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Features of 3α-particles formation in dissociation of 12C nuclei in nuclear track emulsion
Original Research Article
Pages 157 – 164
A. A. Zaitsev, D. A. Artemenkov, V. Bradnova, E. Mitsova, R. Stanoeva, V. V. Rusakova, P. I. Zarubin, I. G. Zarubina
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Investigation of chitosan/xanthan and xanthan/chitosan multilayers on corona charged polylactic acid substrates
Original Research Article
Pages 165 – 168
A. P. Viraneva, I. P. Bodurov, A. V. Grigorov, T. A. Yovcheva, T. A. Vasileva, V. P. Bivolarski, I. N. Iliev
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  Section: Technical Sciences    

Mathematical approach to sifting significant technological factors into the sewing industry
Original Research Article
Pages 173 – 176
S. A. Andonova
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First principles calculation and simulation of correlation functions and functions of metal melts’ radial distribution
Original Research Article
Pages 177 – 180
S. Shaltakov, B. Nussupbekov, M. Stoev, D. Karabekova, A. Khassenov, Y. Oshanov
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The importance of biochemical tests for pathogens in sectors and products of Korca poultry
Original Research Article
Pages 181 – 184
S. Ajçe, I. Kallço, K. Suraj, L. Suraj
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Electrohydropulse method for destruction of natural minerals
Original Research Article
Pages 185 – 187
K. Shaimerdenova, B. Nussupbekov, G. Bulkairova, M. Stoev, A. Khassenov, D. Karabekova
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The influence of the main properties of the liquid on the temperature indicators of the inertial heat generator
Original Research Article
Pages 188 – 191
Y. Oshanov, M. Ovcharov, B. Nussupbekov, M. Stoev
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Maximum-flow problem in networking
Original Research Article
Pages 192 – 196
F. I. Sapundzhi, M. S. Popstoilov
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Modelling and optimization of ligand binding to CBR2
Original Research Article
Pages 197 – 204
F. I. Sapundzhi, T. A. Dzimbova
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Application of a content management system for bioinformatics websites
Original Research Article
Pages 205 – 210
F. I. Sapundzhi, K. Cenov
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Network monitoring of the MHT company using the DUDe
Original Research Article
Pages 211– 219
F. I. Sapundzhi, K. Yordanov
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Implementation of cryptographic algorithms via multithreading
Original Research Article
Pages 220 – 224
N. Sinyagina, V. Todorov, G. Kalpachka
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Computer modeling and simulations of processes in serial resonance
Original Research Article
Pages 225 – 228
V. Milovanski, G. Kalpachka
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Instructions to the authors
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