Bulgarian Chemical Communications, Volume 52, Special Issue-E, 2020

Graphene-based poly(vinyl alcohol)/chitosan hydrogels with electrochemically synthesized silver nanoparticles for medical applications – a review
Original Research Article
Pages5– 14
Katarina R. Nešović, Vesna B. Mišković-Stanković
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Electroless copper-based layers deposition on anodized aluminum
Original Research Article
Pages 15 – 20
V. S. Milusheva, B. R. Tzaneva, M. Chr. Petrova, B. I. Stefanov
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Electrophoretic deposition of boehmite particles to improve the anti-corrosion behavior of anodized aluminum alloy 2024-T3
Original Research Article
Pages 21 – 27
Florent Caubert, Pierre-Louis Taberna, Laurent Arurault, Benoît Fori
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Investigation of the structure of copper coatings obtained by chemical deposition from formaldehyde-free solution on dielectrics
Original Research Article
Pages 28 – 34
M. Georgieva, G. Avdeev, V. Milusheva, D. Lazarova, M. Petrova
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Bending rigidity of lipid bilayers in electrolyte solutions of sucrose
Original Research Article
Pages 35 – 40
Victoria Vitkova, Christophe Minetti, Angelina Stoyanova-Ivanova
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Electrochemical polymerization and in situ characterization of PANI in presence of chemically modified graphene
Original Research Article
Pages 41 – 48
A. Petrovski, P. Perica Paunović, A. Grozdanov, A. T. Dimitrov, I. Mickova, G. Gentile, M. Avella
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Quaternary ammonium bromides as mild steel corrosion inhibitors in acid media
Original Research Article
Pages 49 – 56
A. K. Popova, A. A. Vasilev, N. Ivanova
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Electrochemical impedance and dielectric spectroscopy study of TiO2-nanofilled PEO/PVP/NaIO4 ionic polymer electrolytes
Original Research Article
Pages 57 – 61
Y. G. Marinov, G. B. Hadjichristov, T. E. Vlakhov, H. K. Koduru, N. Scaramuzza
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Electrochemical deposition of Sb2Se3 thin films semiconductor from tartaric acid solution
Original Research Article
Pages 62 – 67
V. A. Majidzade, A. Sh. Aliyev, D. B. Tagiyev
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NiCo2O4/Ag as catalyst for bi-functional oxygen electrode
Original Research Article
Pages 68 – 72
D. Nicheva, B. Abrashev , I. Piroeva, V. Boev, T. Petkova, P. Petkov, K. Petrov
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Co-electrodeposition of iron and sulfur in aqueous and non-aqueous electrolytes
Original Research Article
Pages 73 – 78
V.A Majidzade, S. P. Mammadova, E. S. Petkucheva, E. P. Slavcheva, A. Sh. Aliyev, D. B. Tagiyev
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Effect of ball milling treatment on the Zn electrode properties in Ni- Zn battery
Original Research Article
Pages 79 – 83
G. D. Ivanova, V. P. Petrova, O. K. Petkov, B. A. Minchev, P. A. Lilov, А. K. Stoyanova- Ivanova, A. E. Stoyanova
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Mathematical modeling and experimental validation of advanced alkaline water electrolyser U/j performance
Original Research Article
Pages 84 – 87
Galin Borisov, Nevelin Borisov, Elica Petkucheva, Evelina Slavcheva
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Impedance spectroscopy studies of the electrochemical hybrid supercapacitors based on activated carbon and iron oxides
Original Research Article
Pages 88 – 92
Elefteria Lefterova, Svetlana Veleva, Аntonia Stoyanova
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Instructions to the authors
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