Bulgarian Chemical Communications, Volume 52, Special Issue-F, 2020

Introduction in the chemical engineering processes modeling
Original Research Article
Pages 5– 13
Chr. Boyadjiev
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Boilers modernization due to energy-ecological improvement technology of burning
Original Research Article
Pages 14 – 19
M. Z. Abdulin, O. A. Siryi, O. M. Tkachenko, A. A. Kunyk
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Convective type models of chemical processes in column apparatuses
Original Research Article
Pages 20 – 24
B. Boyadjiev, Chr. Boyadjiev
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Computer modeling of plate heat exchanger for heat utilization from exhaust gases of drying process
Original Research Article
Pages 25 – 31
P. O. Kapustenko , L. L. Tovazhnyanskyy , O. P. Arsenyeva , S. K. Kusakov , V. V. Zorenko , O. Y. Fedorenko
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Dynamic hold-up of modern high-performance packings
Original Research Article
Pages 32 – 35
Sv. Ts. Nakov, D. B. Dzhonova-Atanasova, E. N. Razkazova-Velkova
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Impact analysis of a transient temperature field on the service life of the high pressure rotor of K-1000-60/3000 turbine
Original Research Article
Pages 36 – 41
T. V. Nikulenkova, A. G. Nikulenkov
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Large-scale maldistributions of local flow parameters at distillation on a structured packing
Original Research Article
Pages 42 – 46
A. N. Pavlenko , V. E. Zhukov , E. Yu. Slesareva, Chr. Boyadjiev , B. Boyadjiev , D. Dzhonova-Atanasova , P. Popova-Krumova
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The influence of heat transfer on the energy efficiency in thin film evaporators
Original Research Article
Pages 47 – 53
V. G. Rifert, P. A. Barabash, V. P. Boianivskyi, V. V Sereda, A. S. Solomakha
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Pool boiling of refrigerant on a flat modified surface
Original Research Article
Pages 54 – 56
A. N. Pavlenko, V. E. Zhukov, E. Yu. Slesareva
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Integrated absorption-adsorption process for waste-free decontamination of gases from sulfur dioxide. Part 1. Choice of ion-exchange resin and adsorption and desorption parameters
Original Research Article
Pages 57 – 63
S. Stefanov, E. Razkazova-Velkova
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Autostabilization of propagation velocity of a self-sustaining evaporation front
Original Research Article
Pages 64 – 67
V. E. Zhukov, E. Yu. Slesareva, A. Yu. Sakhnov
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Approaches to mass transfer modeling in micro-channels inside gel
Original Research Article
Pages 68 – 73
B. G. Pokusaev , A. V. Vyazmin , D. A. Nekrasov , N. S. Zakharov , D. P. Khramtsov , N. V. Shumova
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Liquid wall flow in counter-current column apparatuses for absorption processes with random packings
Original Research Article
Pages 74 – 79
Chr. B. Boyadjiev , D. B. Dzhonova , P. G. Popova-Krumova , K. V. Stefanova , A. N. Pavlenko , V. E. Zhukov , E. Yu. Slesareva
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New equations for gas phase pressure drop in expanded metal sheet packing (HOLPACK) for mass and heat transfer processes in packed columns
Original Research Article
Pages 80 – 85
Kr. A. Semkov, T. St. Petrova
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Convective type models of co-current absorption processes in column apparatuses
Original Research Article
Pages 86 – 94
B. Boyadjiev, Chr. Boyadjiev, P. Popova-Krumovas
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Justification of the method for calculating heat transfer in film evaporators with a rotating surface
Original Research Article
Pages 95 – 102
V. G. Rifert, A. S. Solomakha, P. A. Barabash, V. Usenko, V.V. Sereda
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Instructions to the authors
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