Bulgarian Chemical Communications, Volume 45, Special Issue-A, 2013
Z.P.Nenova, S.V.Kozhukharov, T.G.Nenov, N.D.Nedev, M.S.Machkova, Characterization of humidity sensors with Ce-modified silica films prepared via sol-gel method


V. Bozhilov, S. Kozhukharov, E. Bubev, M. Machkova, V. Kozhukharov, Classification and functional characterization of the basic types of photovoltaic elements
D. S. Rodríguez, S. Kozhukharov, M. Machkova, V. Kozhukharov, Influence of the deposition conditions on the properties of D16 AM clad alloy, dip-coated in Ce-containing baths
J. A. P. Ayuso, S. Kozhukharov, M. Machkova, V. Kozhukharov, Electrodeposition of cerium conversion coatings for corrosion protection of D16 AM clad alloy
G. A. Hodjaoglu, I. S. Ivanov, Influence of hydroxyethylated-2-butyne-1,4-diol on copper electrodeposition from sulphate electrolytes containing large amounts of zinc
P. L. Stefchev, R. P. Kirilov, Ch. A. Girginov, E. H. Klein, AC-anodized and Ni-pigmented aluminum for selective solar absorption
Ch. A. Girginov, I. A. Kanazirski, V. G. Ilcheva, Electrolytic coloring of porous aluminum oxide films in CoSO4 solution
K. N. Ignatova, Y. S. Marcheva, Еlectrodeposition and structure of Cо coatings (CoCu, NiCo and CoNiCu) in potentiostatic and pulse potential modes
S. V. Mentus, I. A. Pašti, N. M. Gavrilov, Thermogravimetric way to test the oxidation resistance of Pt/C catalysts for fuel cells
R. Harizanova, C. Bocker, G. Avdeev, C. Rüssel, I. Gugov, Crystallization and dielectric properties of BaTiO3-containing invert aluminoborosilicate glass-ceramics
D. Hristova, I. G. Betova, Tzv. B. Tzvetkoff, Ionic and electronic conductivity of the surface film on titanium during pulse electrolysis of water
12 K. Draganova, Vl. Stefanova, P. Iliev, Analytical study of the process of sulphuric acid dissolution of Waelz-clinkerwith Eh - pH diagrams
13 Ch.A. Girginov, M.S. Bojinov: Anodic oxidation mechanism of aluminum alloys in a sulfate-fluoride electrolyte (185Kb)
14 E. Lilov, Ch. Girginov, E. Klein, Anodic oxide films on antimony formed in oxalic acid solutions (461Kb)
15 V. I. Karastoyanov, Tzv. B. Tzvetkoff, Pulse electrolysis of alkaline solutions as highly efficient method of production of hydrogen/oxygen gas mixtures (461Kb)
16 K. D. Georgieva, G. Vissokov, Advances in synthesis, application and dependence of vaporization of micron sized particles in thermal plasma in SOFC technologies (461Kb)
17 I. Popov, B. Velev, J. Milusheva, R. Boukoureshtlieva, S. Hristov, T. Stankulov, B. Banov, A. Trifonova, Behaviour of gas-diffusion electrode in various non-aqueous electrolytes for the lithium-air system (461Kb)
18 M. Georgieva, M. Petrova, V. Chakarova, Obtaining of electroless Ni-P/ZrO2 composite coatings on flexible substrates of polyethylene terephtalate (461Kb)
19 L. N. Petkov, K. Sv.Yosifov, A. S. Tsanev, D. Stoychev, Glassy carbon (GC) electrode modified with electrodeposited ZrO2 and ZrO2 + Ce2O3 + Y2O3 nanostructures as a cathode in the obtaining of active chlorine (461Kb)
20 R. Boukoureshtlieva, S. Yankova, V. Beschkov, J. Milusheva, G. Naydenova, L. Popova, G. Yotov, S. Hristov, Monitoring of the phenol biodegradation process with an electrochemical biosensor (461Kb)
21 M. Krapchanska, D. Vladikova, Z. Stoynov, A. Chesnuad, A. Thorel, G. Raikova, E. Mladenova, I. Genov, Impedance studies of porous electrolyte with mixed ion conductivity (461Kb)
22 Y. D. Milusheva, R. I. Boukoureshtlieva, S. M. Hristov, Air gas-diffusion electrodes for operation in magnesium-air cells/NaCl – electrolyte (461Kb)
23 P. V. Angelov, S. S. Slavov, Sv. R. Ganev, Y. B. Dimitriev, J. G. Katzarov, Direct ultrasonic synthesis of classical high temperature ceramic phases at ambient conditions by innovative method (461Kb)
24 K. Lovchinov, M. Ganchev, M. Petrov, H. Nichev, D. Dimova-Malinovska, J. S. Graff, Al. Ulyashin, Electrochemically deposited nanostructured ZnO layers on the front side of c-Si solar cell (461Kb)
25 V. Blaskova-Kochnitcharova, T. Petkova, L. Fachikov, E. Lefterova, I. Kanazirski, P. Angelov, S. Vassilev, Investigations of glass-crystalline TiO2-V2O5-P2O5 samples (461Kb)
26 D. S. Lilova, Il. H. Gadjov, D. Dimitrov, Chemical and phase content of alloyed tin-cobalt plating deposited in direct-current or impulse modes (461Kb)
27 T. M. Dodevska, E. G. Horozova, N. D. Dimcheva, Electrochemical characteristics and structural specifics of carbonaceous electrodes, modified with micro- and nanodeposits of platinum metals (461Kb)
28 I. Radev, G. Topalov, G. Ganske E. Lefterova, G. Tsotridis, U. Schnakenberg, E. Slavcheva, Catalytic activity of co-sputtered PtIr thin films toward oxygen reduction (461Kb)
29 G. R. Borisov, A. E. Stoyanova, E. D. Lefterova, Е. P. Slavcheva, A novel non-carbon gas diffusion layer for PEM water electrolysis anodes (461Kb)
30 A. E. Stoyanova, G. R. Borisov, E. D. Lefterova, Е. P. Slavcheva, MEA with carbon free Pt-Fe catalysts and gas diffusion layers for application in PEM water electrolysis (461Kb)
31 D. G. Filjova, G. P. Ilieva, V. Ts. Tsakova, Electropolymerization of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) layers in the presence of different dopants and their effect on the polymer electrocatalytic properties. Oxidation of ascorbic acid and dopamine (461Kb)
32 Scientific Workshop Hydrogen Economy – a Roadmap to the Future (461Kb)
33 E.Y. Chorbadzhiyska, M.Y. Mitov, Y.V. Hubenova, Optimization of conditions for formation of electrochemically active biofilm on carbon felt anodes during operation of yeast-based biofuel cells (461Kb)
34 A. Evdou, V. Zaspalis, L. Nalbandian, Novel materials as oxygen carriers for energy applications (461Kb)
35 G. Y. Hristov, E. Y. Chorbadzhiyska, R. S. Rashkov, Y. V. Hubenova, M. Y. Mitov, Comparison investigation of Co-based catalysts for the catalytic hydrolysis of sodium borohydride (461Kb)
36 I. Bardarov, Y. Hubenova, M. Mitov, Sediment microbial fuel cell utilizing river sediments and soil (461Kb)
37 E. Patrikiadou, V. Zaspalis, L. Nalbandian, E. Chorbadzhiyska, M. Mitov, Y. Hubenova, Synthesis and characterization of Si-coated superparamagnetic nanoparticles for bioelectrochemical applications (461Kb)