Bulgarian Chemical Communications, Volume 45, Special Issue-B, 2013
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D.D. Nesheva, I.E. Bineva, M. Danila, A. Dinescu, Z.M. Levi1, Z.I. Aneva1, R. Muller, Effect of the sublayer thickness and furnace annealing on the crystallographic structure and grain size of nanocrystalline ZnxCd1-xSe thin films


T. Babeva, H. Awala, M. Vasileva, J. El Fallah, K. Lazarova, S. Mintova, Pure silica MFI zeolite films as antireflection coatings
K. Lazarova, M. Vasileva, G. Marinov, T. Babeva, Sol-gel derived Nb2O5 thin films for photonic applications
T. Babeva, K. Lazarova, M. Vasileva, B. Gospodinov and J. Dikova, Fabrication and characterization of high refractive index optical coatings by sol-gel method for photonic applications
J. Tasseva, V. Lozanova, R. Todorov, Linear and non-linear optical properties of GeS2 doped with the elements from III and V group of the periodic table
R. Todorov, A. Lalova and J. Tasseva, Thickness dependence of the optical properties of amorphous As-Ge-S thin films
Vesela Lozanova, Jordanka Tasseva, Rosen Todorov, Grain size effect on the optical properties of thin silver films
Lyubomir Soserov, Rosen Todorov, Optical properties of thin nanoporous aluminium oxide films formed by anodization
P. S. Sharlandjiev and D. I. Nazarova, UV and NIR optical functions of very thin (< λ / 50) Hf, Al or Ti doped tantalum pentoxide films, deposited on Si [100] substrate
P. S. Gushterova, P. S. Sharlandjiev, B. Schmidta, A. Mücklicha, Very thin germanium films: optical and structural properties
A. Lalova, R. Todorov, Sensor properties of asymmetric Bragg stack from chalcogenide glass and PMMA
12 B. C. Georgieva, Z. P.Nenova, I. L. Podolesheva, J. T. Pirov, T. G.Nenov, Investigation of humidity sensors based on Sn-O-Te films by impedance spectroscopy
13 T. Yovcheva, E. Vozáry, I. Bodurov, A. Viraneva, M. Marudova, G. Exner, Investigation of apples’ aging by electric impedance spectroscopy (185Kb)
14 A. Viraneva, T. Yovcheva, I. Bodurov, M. Galikhanov, Effect of TiO2 particle incorporation on the electret properties of corona charged polypropylene composite films (461Kb)
15 I. Bodurov, I. Vlaeva, T. Yovcheva, V. Dragostinova, S. Sainov, Surface properties of PMMA films with different molecular weights (461Kb)
16 Bodurov, I. Vlaeva, M. Marudova, T. Yovcheva, K. Nikolova, T. Eftimov, V. Plachkova, Detection of adulteration in olive oils using optical and thermal methods I (461Kb)
17 I. Bodurov, R. Todorov, T. Yovcheva, G. Spassov and S. Sainov, On silver electromigration in nanosized As2S3 films (461Kb)
18 E. Krumov, J. Dikova, N. Starbov and K. Starbova, Laser modification and chemical metalization of sol-gel zirconia thin films as potential material for catalytic applications (461Kb)
19 M.M. Dimitrovaa, E.D. Krumov, D.B. Karashanova, Simplified procedure for Al2O3 microfibers preparation by the method of electrospinning (461Kb)
20 S. Kitova, I. Kalaglarski, R. Stoimenov, R. Kazakov and V. Mankov, Zinc oxide nanostructures prepared on glass substrates by thermal evaporation of zinc at atmospheric pressure (461Kb)
21 M. G. Shipochka, I. D. Stambolova, V. N. Blaskov, P. K. Stefanov, XPS investigation on the surface of ZnO photocatalytic films obtained by polymer modified spray pyrolysis (461Kb)
22 N. V. Kaneva, L. K. Krasteva, A.S. Bojinova, K. I. Papazova, D. Tz. Dimitrov, Photocatalytic Oxidation of Paracetamol and Chloramphenicol by ZnO Nanowires (461Kb)
23 Dimana Nazarova, Lian Nedelchev, Peter Sharlandjiev, Surface plasmon-polariton resonances in metal-coated holographic azopolymer gratings (461Kb)
24 D. I. Nazarova, L. L. Nedelchev, P. S. Sharlandjiev, Surface plasmon polariton characteristics and resonant coupling on thin Al, Ag and Au layers (461Kb)
25 D. I. Nazarova, L. L. Nedelchev, R. N. Todorov and P. S. Sharlandjiev, Surface plasmon-polariton resonances in metal-coated polycarbonate gratings (461Kb)
26 D. I. Nazarova, L. L. Nedelchev, P. S. Sharlandjiev, Scattering response of Au and Ag nanoparticles with different sizes embedded in azopolymer matrix (461Kb)
27 L. L. Nedelchev, D. I. Nazarova, P. Petrova, Large photoinduced birefringence observed over a wide spectral range in an amorphous azopolymer (461Kb)
28 D. P. Ilieva, L. L. Nedelchev, D. I. Nazarova, Photoinduced anisotropy in azodyes Alizarin Yellow R and Mordant Pure Yellow in a gelatin matrix (461Kb)
29 L. L. Nedelchev, D. I. Nazarova, Time stability of photoinduced birefringence in amorphous and liquid-crystalline azopolymers (461Kb)
30 L. L. Nedelchev, D. I. Nazarova, V. D. Dragostinova, P. K. Petkov, A. A. Stoilova, Photoinduced anisotropy in a series of azobenzene copolymers (461Kb)
31 B. Ivanov, E. Stoykova, N. Berberova, T. Nikova, E. Krumov, N. Malinowski, Dynamic speckle technique as a leaf contamination sensor (461Kb)
32 G. S. Spasov, Filled out Correcting in Auger Electron Spectroscopy (461Kb)
33 P. Petrova, P. Ivanov, Y. Marcheva, R. Tomova, Estimation of energy levels of new Iridium cyclometalated complexes via cyclicvoltammetry (461Kb)
34 P. I. Ivanov, P. K. Petrova, R. L. Tomova, Bis(2-phenylbenzothiazolato) (acetylacetonate) iridium complex as phosphorescent doppant for White Organic Light Emitting Diodes (461Kb)
35 P. K. Petrova, R. L. Tomova, Comparative study of electroluminescent Zn metal–chelate complexes with mixed ligands (461Kb)
36 Dikova, S. Kitova, D. Stoyanova, A.Vasilev, T. Deligeorgiev and S. Angelova, New “push-pull” type merocyanine dye for application in bulk-heterojunction organic solar cells J. (461Kb)
37 V. Siderov, R. Yordanov, I. Yordanova, S. Boyadjiev, M. Vala, V. Milenkov, P. Heinrichova, M Weiter, and I. Zhivkov, Optical measurements of electrophoretic suspension kinetics (461Kb)
38 V. Y. Strijkova, G. V. Danev, Influence of the residual gas atmosphere in the vacuum chamber on the properties of thin polyimide layers (461Kb)
39 D. Dimov, Deposition of polyimide layers by applying argon plasma (461Kb)
40 V. Siderov, D. Mladenova, R. Yordanov, V. Milenkov, M. Ohlidal, O. Salyk, I. Zhivkov, and M. Weiter, Film thickness measurement by optical profilometer MicroProf® FRT (461Kb)
41 B. K. Ivanov, M. S. Khristova, I. P. Spassova, Rare earth metal modified alumina-supported copper cobaltite catalysts in reduction of NO with CO (461Kb)
42 V.Georgiev, M. Anachkov, T. Batakliev, S. Rakovsky, Study on the stoichiometry and reaction products of extra virgin olive oil ozonation (461Kb)
43 T. Boyadzhieva, V. Koleva, R. Stoyanova, Comparative study on the formation of lithium and sodium manganese phospho-olivines (461Kb)
44 Sv. Ivanova, E. Zhecheva, R. Stoyanova, Enhanced electrochemical properties of LiNi1/2Mn3/2О4 by acid treatment (461Kb)
45 Vera Marinova, Etienne Goovaerts, Relaxation of light-induced absorption in Cr-doped Bi12TiO20 crystals (461Kb)
46 V. Marinova1, V. Tomov, C. I. Chuang, Y. C. Lin, S. H. Lin, Y. F. Chao, W. C. Chou, M. Gospodinov and K. Y. Hsu, γ -ray induced effects in Sm-doped strontium borate glasses (461Kb)
47 D. Dimitrov, V. Marinova, V. Tomov, P. Rafailov, M. Gospodinov, Crystals growth of topological insulators in Bi2(SexTe1-x)3 system (461Kb)
48 Dimitre Z. Dimitrov, Silver nanoparticles assisted etching of silicon (461Kb)