Bulgarian Chemical Communications, Volume 47, Number 3, 2015
Academician Panayot R. Bontchev - In memoriam
S. Hina, M. I. Rajoka, P.B. Savage, S. Roohi, T. H.Bokhari, Labeling, quality control and biological evaluation of 99mTc-vibramycin for infection sites imaging
Chr. B. Boyadjiev, M. D. Doichinova, B. Chr. Boyadjiev, Some problems in the column apparatuses modeling
N. Dr. Dermendzhieva, E. N. Razkazova-Velkova, V. N. Beschkov, Kinetics of oxidation of sulfide ions in model solutions of sea water
H. Yilmaz, Analysis in terms of environmental awareness of farmers’ decisions and attitudes in pesticide use: the case of Turkey
K. Ignatova, Effect of H3BO3 and Na3 citrate on the conditions of electrodeposition of Ni-Co alloy from citrate electrolyte
Ž. Šmelcerović, M. Rangelov, E. Cherneva, G. Kocić, S. Stojanović, T. Jevtović-Stoimenov, Ž. Petronijević, D. Yancheva, Inhibition mechanism and molecular modeling studies of the interactions of 6-(propan-2-yl)-3-methyl-morpholine-2,5-dione with xanthine oxidase
V. N. Hubenov, S. N. Mihaylova, I. S. Simeonov, Anaerobic co-digestion of waste fruits and vegetables and swine manure in a pilot-scale bioreactor
D. B. Dzhonova-Atanasova, Sv. Ts. Nakov, E. N. Razkazova-Velkova, N. N. Kolev, Pressure drop of highly efficient Raschig Super-Ring packing for column apparatuses
A. Jouyban, M. Khoubnasabjafari, F. Martinez, A model to predict the solubility of drugs in ethanol + propylene glycol mixtures at various temperatures
H. Alinezhad, K. Nemati, M. Zare, Efficient one-pot room-temperature synthesis of 2-imidazolines from aldehydes
12 M. Momayezan, M. Ghashang, S. A. Hassanzadeh-Tabrizi, Barium aluminate nano-spheres grown on the surface of BaAl2O4: a versatile catalyst for the Knoevenagel condensation reaction of malononitrile with benzaldehyde
13 S. Gutzov, P. Stoyanova, K. Balashev, N. Danchova, S. Stoyanov, Preparation and optical properties of colloidal europium(III) diphenanthroline nitrate hydrate
14 Y. V. Hubenova, M. Y. Mitov, Application of cyclic voltammetry for determination of the mitochondrial redox activity during subcellular fractionation of yeast cultivated as biocatalysts
15 M. Y. Mitov, E. Y. Chorbadzhiyska, L. Nalbandian, Y. V. Hubenova , Synthesis and characterization of dip-coated CoB-, NiB- and CoNiB-carbon felt catalysts
16 F. Sheikholeslami-Farahani, A. S. Shahvelayati, Solvent-free one-pot synthesis of highly functionalized benzothiazolediamides via Ugi four-component reaction
17 N. S. Dighe, P. S.Shinde, S. B Vikhe, S. B Dighe, D. S Musmade, QSAR study, synthesis and anti-depressant studies of some novel schiff base derivatives of benzothiazepine
18 A. A. Kaya, Synthesis, characterization and thermal behaviour of novel phthalocyanines bearing chalcone groups on peripheral positions
19 B. Eren, Y. Yalcin Gurkan, Analysis of the reaction kinetics of aminotoluene molecule through DFT method
20 D. Uzun, E. Razkazova–Velkova, K. Petrov, V. Beschkov, Electrochemical method for energy production from hydrogen sulfide in the Black sea waters in sulfide-driven fuel cell
21 D. Uzun, E. Razkazova–Velkova, V. Beschkov, G. Pchelarov, K. Petrov, Electrochemical reduction of sulfur dioxide by oxidation of hydrogen sulfide in aqueous media
22 M. Veylaki, M. J. Nikmehr, Some degree based connectivity indices of nano-structures
23 R. T. Georgieva-Nikolova, P. A. Gateva, R. K. Hadjiolova, M. P. Slavova, M. M. Nikolova, V. D. Simeonov, Multivariate statistical assessment of obesity patients’ clinical parameters
24 G. Q. Liu, Morphology and thermal behaviour of poly(methyl methacrylate) /poly(ethylene glycol) /multi-walled carbon nanotubes nanocomposites
25 M. G. Abd El-Wahed, S. M. El-Megharbel, M. Y. El-Sayed, Y. M. Zahran, M. S. Refat, Synthesis and characterization of some lanthanide metal complexes Ce(III), Gd(III), Nd(III), Tb(III) and Er(III) with sulfasalazine as sulfa drug
26 Feng Jin, He Yong-ling, Adaptive mutation particle swarm optimized BP neural network in state-of-charge estimation of Li-ion battery for electric vehicles
27 Li Xinhua, Sun Zhigao, Guo Honghai, Zhu Zhenlin, The annual emissions of sulfur gases from different tidal flats in the Yellow River Delta, China
28 Yanna Lv, Beihai He, Yali Wu, Influence of fumed silica on the properties of cushion packaging materials based on bagasse pith and bisulfite spent liquor
29 Wang Qiang, Synthesis of Cu2O nanocrystals and their agricultural application
30 Weiwei Zhang, Yan Shi: Adsorption kinetics of phosphate from aqueous solutions by waste iron sludge
31 Wang Xin, Liu Lifeng, Lun Zengmin, Lv Chengyuan, Determination of CO2/crude oil system interfacial tension and dynamic interfacial tension by ADSA method
32 De-Sheng Li, Convection-diffusion modelling for chemical pollutant dispersion in the joint of artificial lake using finite element method