Bulgarian Chemical Communications, Volume 47, Number 4, 2015
R. K. Joshi, Chemical composition of the essential oil of Plectranthus mollis roots
A. Eliyas, P. Petrova, F. J. López-Tenllado, D. Tomova, A. Marinas, Experimental arrangements for determining the photocatalytic activity of Au/TiO2 in air and wastewater purification
S. A. Uzunova, I. M. Uzunov, D. R. Mehandjiev, V. B. Toteva, Kinetics and mechanism of oil and oil products sorption from water surface onto pyrolyzed waste biomass
M. Y. Mitov, G. Y . Hristov, R. S. Rashkov, Y. V. Hubenova, Quaternary electrodeposits on nickel-foam for application in a hybrid direct borohydride fuel cell - hydrogen-on-demand system
E. Y. Chorbadzhiyska, Y. V. Hubenova, G. Y. Hristov, L. Nalbandian, M. Y. Mitov, Electrocatalytic activity of Pd-Au co-deposits on Ni-foam towards hydrogen evolution reaction
D. D. Stoyanova, N. A. Kasabova, D. St. Shishkov, Tc. N. Velinova, D. Dimitrov, Catalytic decomposition of N2O, contained in waste gases originating from HNO3 production
Е. D. Lefterova, A. E. Stoyanova, H. Kolev, G. Tyuliev, D. Paneva, G. R. Borisov, I. Dragieva, Effect of DC magnetic field on some physical and catalytic properties of Fe- and Fe/Pt- nanoparticles synthesized by BH method
M. N. Marinov, P. E. Marinova, N. V. Markova, N. M. Stoyanov, Synthesis, characterization and DFT studies of hydrazones of cycloalkanespirodithiohydantoins
L. Butuzova, S. P. Marinov, R. Makovskyi, G. Butuzov, Extracts of the plastic layer of coals of different reductivity type and their blends
T. G. Deligeorgiev, A. A. Kurutos, N. I. Gadjev, A. A. Alexiev, An easy and fast one-pot preparation of 2-thiomethyl and 2-thioacyl benzothiazoles, benzoxazoles, and benzimidazoles
K. D. Esmeryan, V. Georgieva, L. Vergov, J. Lazarov, A superhydrophobic quartz crystal microbalance based chemical sensor for NO2 detection
12 E. A. El-Sawi, M. A. Hosny, Silver nanoparticle forms with new organometallic compounds enhance antimicrobial activities
13 N. G. Hristova-Avakumova, B. I. Nikolova-Mladenova, V. A. Hadjimitova, Evaluation of the in vitro antioxidant effect of novel 3-methoxysalicylaldehyde derived hydrazones
14 The 3-rd Asia-Pacific Conference on Engineering Technology (APCET 2015)
15 J. Li, Y. Dai, Bioconjugated carbon nanotubes for cancer targeting and near-infrared laser photothermal therapy
16 K. Liu, Y. C. Ning, D. C. Ba, S. W. Xiao, X. L. Zhang, D. Y. Wang, G. Y. Du, Y. S. Ba, Numerical simulation of the transport process of biomolecules and ions at molecular level in parallel carbon-wall nanofluidic channels
17 H. X. Zhu, Q. P. Kong, X. J. Cao, H. He, J. Wang, Y. C. He, Preparation and research of a novel cellulose-based heavy metal adsorbent
18 G. J. Wang, X. Y. Kong, C. H. Yang, Study of the influence of acidic tailings water with a large number of chemical substances on the granular medium and slope stability in the dump
19 C. Yang, F. Tang, M. Shen, H. Yu, Physical model and industrial test of small inclusions removal by bubble adhesion
20 Z. Zhang, J. Gao, S. Zhang, Y. Xie, L. Zhao, Heat and mass transfer modeling of vacuum cooling for porous food material
21 Y. Xu, B. Yan, J. Tang, Y. Lin, Chemical analysis of metals and essential nutrients in wetland dew
22 N. Li, F. Chen, D. Yang, Y. B. Zhou, QSAR study of aromatic compounds toxicity to Chlorella vulgaris
23 N. Zhou, P. Zhang, X. X. Zhang, G. Z. Shen, R. H. Fu, L. He, Z. M. Chen, H. W. Ji, W. M. Su, C. Y. Li, Highly sensitive fluorescence detection of mercury ion based on Lys VI stabilized gold nanoclusters
24 G. H. Yu, X. Q. Zhang, J. W. Zhu, Y. Zhang, Z. G. Li, S. W. Li, Accumulation of heavy metals in soil and vegetables and absorption by field weeds with phytoremediation potential in fine chemical industrial park
25 S. Liu, K. Zhu, J. Xiang, P. Huang, Upgrading ilmenite by an oxidation-magnetic separation-pressure leaching process
26 D. R. Yu, B. S. Yu, F. F. Jiao, Geochemical characteristics and origins of the oil in Tazhong, Tarim Basin
27 X. Guan, M. Guo, J. Lin, J. Li, X. Liu, Fiberboard made of miscellaneous wood fibers oxidized by laccase mediator system
28 G. Shi, G. Zhang, Y. Liu, Ch. Yan, W. Lai, Research on adsorption of phenols in wastewater with cyclodextrin
29 L. Wang, Y. Wang, D. Yu, Q. An, Comprehensive evaluation of the geochemical characteristics of the hydrocarbon source rocks in Zhenjing block
30 N. Yang, H. Mao, J. Sun, C. Xiang, P. Xu, A photometric method for organophosphorus pesticide detection based on microfluidic chip
31 X. Guan, M. Guo, J. Lin, J. Li, X. Liu, Catalytic polymerization of lignin model compounds using laccase and mediators
32 Y. Xie, A. Wei, Y. Pan, Z. He, Q. Li, Y. Xu, T. Zhu, Simultaneous determination of nonylphenol and short-chain nonylphenolpolyethoxylates by DLLME-HPLC
33 H. Q. Zhang, Q. Wu, J. F. Gao, H. L. Chen, Z. K. Xuan, IL-assisted synthesis of mesoporous AgCl/MCM-41 microspheres and their photodegradation properties
34 D. Yang , C. Cao, F. Chen, Y. Zhou, Z. Xiu, The nitrogen and phosphorus release in the sediment by the Perinereis aibuhitensis bioturbation effect
35 Y. P. Zhang, Z. X. Jin, Y. C. Yuan, X. S. Wang, Geographical origin identification and quantitative calibration analysis of Polygonum perfoliatum L. by near infrared spectroscopy
36 Y. Yang, X. Li, R. Xu, M. Li, Y. Yu, The potential impact of PBDEs contamination on human health via oral media in E-waste dismantling area
37 F. Chen, N. Li, D. Yang, Y. Zhou, QSAR study of halogenated benzene bioaccumulation factors in fish
38 B. Wang, X. F. Ji, Y. K. Sun, Soft-sensing modeling of crucial parameters for penicillinfed-batch fermentation process
39 X. Jiang, Z. Yuan, X. Yu, W. Zhou, Synthesis and antibacterial activity of 1β-methyl-2-[5-(pyrrolidine or piperidine-2-N-substituted carbamoyl) pyrrolidin-3-ylthio]carbapenem derivatives
40 W Jiang, Quantum dots sensitized solar cells
41 K. Liu, S. L. Chen, S. W. Xiao, X. L. Zhang, D. C. Ba, D. Y. Wang, G. Y. Du, Y. S. Ba, Molecular simulation of protein transport controlled by pressure-driven flow in silica nanofluidic channels