Bulgarian Chemical Communications, Volume 47, Special Issue-A, 2015
N. Yavorov, St. Petrin, I. Valchev, S. Nenkova, Potential of fast growing poplar, willow and palownia for bioenergy production


D.I. Zheleva, Comparative analyses of keratin biocomposites with composites
based on collagen
Ts.N. Ilieva, S.K. Nenkova, M. Herzog, Artificial ageing of composites based on modified cellulose fibres and polyurethane prepolymer
R. Boeva, I. Spiridonov, R. Nikolov, G. Radeva, Investigation of thermal ageing of chemical mechanical pulps obtained from different types of hardwood
K.V. Dimitrov, A. Matev, M. Herzog, S. Nenkova, Thermoforming – process of biopolymer composites
S. Petrin, N. Yavorov, P. Tzvetkov, I. Valchev, G. Radeva, Kinetic aspects of enzyme hydrolysis of cellulose fiber material
S.А.Kotlarova, V.G.Lasheva, D.А.Todorova, Ecological utilizaiton of printed waste paper
N. Rangelova, S. Nenkova, N. Lazarova, N. Georgieva, Copper-based nanostructured lignocellulose materials with antibacterial activity
D.A. Todorova, S.P. Bencheva, Investigation on the influence of chemical additives over the behavior of paper furnish from recycled fiber material
V. Radkova, P. Tsekova, T. Ivanova and I. Valchev, Effect of dry-heat ageing on label paper quality
T.Tc. Bozhkova, I.T. Spridonov, Y.V. Nedelchev, R.K. Boeva, A.M. Ganchev, Improvement of the physical-mechanical and optical properties of printing production with biodegradable overprint varnishes
12 M.N. Kamburov, T.V. Ivanov, I.G. Lalov, Immobilization of glucose oxidase on porous copolymer
13 T.V. Ivanov, I.G. Lalov, L.K. Yotovа, Denitrification of wastewater with immobilized cells of Pseudomonas denitrificans (185Kb)
14 P.E. Marinova, M.N. Marinov, M. H. Kazakova, Y.N. Feodorova, V.S. Sarafian, N.M Stoyanov, Synthesis and bioactivity of new platinum and ruthenium complexes of 4-bromo-spiro-(fluorene-9,4'-imidazolidine)-2',5'-dithione (461Kb)
15 P.P. Petrova, S.M. Miloshev, Ch.P. Novakov, Cross-linked star (co)polymers containing core of C-tetraalkylcalix[4]resorcinarene (461Kb)
16 N. Marinov, M. Simeonova, Preparation of poly(ethylcyanoacrylate) nanofibers by vapor phase polymerization using alcohol initiators (461Kb)
17 V. Staneva, G. Ivanova, M. Simeonova, Surface modified poly (butyl cyanoacrylate) nanoparticles loaded with indomethacin: preparation and physicochemical characterization (461Kb)
18 I.T. Spiridonov, R. K. Boeva, T. Tz. Bozhkova, Y. V. Nedelchev, Investigation on the effect of different tone value sum (tac) of inks on the color reproduction accuracy of heatset web offset images (461Kb)
19 P. Iliev, V. Stefanova, B. Lucheva, Sulfuric acid autoclave dissolution of Ni-Co sulfide deposit (461Kb)
20 B.I. Lucheva, P.K. Iliev, Vl.P. Stefanova, Recovery of silver from zinc c (461Kb)
21 Z. Glavcheva-Laleva, L. Varadinova, St. Kerekov, D. Pavlov, Iv. Glavchev, Application of waste glycerol from biodiesel productionfor obtaining of modifiers for reduced friction of different motor oils (461Kb)