Bulgarian Chemical Communications, Volume 46, Number 3, 2014
K.T. Vadiraj,S.L. Belagali, Spectrophotometric determination of copper (II) in industrial effluent samples using sulfanilic acid as a ligand system


A.-M. Popescu, C. Donath, V. Constantin, Density, viscosity and electrical conductivity of three choline chloride based ionic liquids
M. Hajjami, A. Ghorbani-Choghamarani, M. Norouzi, Poly (4-vinylpyridinium tribromide): an efficient catalyst for the synthesis of 1, 1-diacetates from aldehydes
A. Nejati, M. Alaeiyan, The edge version of MEC index of one-pentagonal carbon nanocones
O. T. Teneva, М. D. Zlatanov, G. A. Antova, M. Y. Angelova-Romova, M. P. Marcheva, Lipid composition of flaxseeds
K. Nikolova, M. Perifanova-Nemska, G. Uzunova, T. Eftimov, G. Antova, A. Aladjadjiyan, V. Plachkova, W. Bock, Physico-chemical properties of sunflower oil enriched with -3 fatty acids
A. Gharib, N. Noroozi Pesyan , L.Vojdanifard, M. Jahangir, M. Roshani, S. Moghadasi, H. R. Akhavan, Catalytic synthesis of 1,3-diaryl-2-propene-1-ones by using heteropolyacids as heterogeneous recyclable green catalysts
A. Gharib, N. Noroozi Pesyan, L.Vojdanifard, M. Jahangir, M. Roshani, S. Moghadasi Synthesis of β–amino carbonyl compounds using ZnO nanoparticles as a green, effective and reusable catalyst
N. Aslan, P. E. Erden, E. Canel, E. Kilic, Development and validation of a potentiometric titration method for the determination of montelukast sodium in a pharmaceutical preparation and its protonation constant
A. Ahmadi, Synthesis, characterization and biological evaluation of new benzimidazoles
H. A. Attia, I. H. Abdelmaksoud, W. A. Ahmed, M. M. Elbarawy, Effect of porosity on the flow with heat transfer of a non-Newtonian power law fluid due to a rotating disk with uniform suction and injection
12 M. R. Bozorgmehr, M. R. Housaindokht, Study of the interference effect of propranolol and amlodipine drugs on their interaction with human serum albumin based on molecular dynamics simulation method
13 A. Teimouri, A. N. Chermahini, L. Ghorbanian, Synthesis of functionalized piperidines by one-pot multicomponent reaction using nano-crystalline solid acid catalysts
14 M. Mohammadian, A. K. Haghi, Study on the production of a new generation of electrospun nanofiber webs
15 H. A. Attia,W. Abbas, M. A. M. Abdeen, A. El-Din Abdin, Effect of porosity on the flow and heat transfer between two parallel porous plates with the Hall effect and variable properties under constant pressure gradient
16 M. Mohammadian, A. K. Haghi, Systematic parameter study for nano-fiber fabrication via electrospinning process
17 A. Ahmadi, M. Khalili, A. Asadi, B. Nahri-Niknafs, New morpholine and piperazine derivatives of ketamine: synthesis and anti-nociceptive effects
18 S. Furmaniak, Multitemperature fitting of isotherms as a simple method of insight into the thermodynamics of water sorption on building materials
19 N. Lihareva, V. Kostov-Kytin, Sorption of Cs+ by nano-sized microporous titanium silicates with pharmacosiderite structure
20 M. H. Hadizadeh, M. Hamadanian, Adsorption of toxic gases by an open nanocone coupled with an iron atom
21 G. Muralikrishna, S.K. Pillai, S. Kaleem, F. Shakeel, Inhibition of glycolysis and respiration of sarcoma-180 cells by cyclophosphamide
22 A. D. Bachvarova-Nedelcheva, R. D. Gegova, A. M. Stoyanova, R. S. Iordanova,V. E. Copcia, N. K. Ivanova, I. Sandu, Synthesis, characterization and properties of ZnO/TiO2 powders obtained by combustion gel method
23 M. Korkmaz, B. A. Fil1, C. Özmetin , Y. Yaşar, Full factorial design of experiments for boron removal from Colemanite mine wastewater using Purolite S 108 resin