Bulgarian Chemical Communications, Volume 47, Special Issue-B, 2015


T. Pashova, I. Kostova, T. Eftimov, D. Tonchev, Analysis of fluorescence spectra of oxyfluoride compositions doped with samarium oxide (Sm2O3) and samarium fluoride (SmF3)
V. Plachkova, P. Balzhiev, G. Dyankov, T. Eftimov, P. Petrov, Research of 16-channel fiber-optic (FO) system for measuring long period sensor networks (LPSN)
E. Karakoleva, B. Zafirova, A. Andreev, Calculations of photonic crystal fibers by the Galerkin method with sine functions without a refractive index approximation
A. Lalova, R. Todorov, Optical properties of thin PMMA films for sensor application
E. V. Penchev, W. J. Bock, T. A. Eftimov, P. Mikulic, Using double resonance long period gratings to measure refractive index of milk of varying fat content
R. Todorov, A. Lalova, V. Lozanova, Optical properties of thin Ag/As-S-Ge films
S. Kasarova, N. Sultanova, I. Nikolov, Polymer materials in optical design
9 V. Lozanova, R. Todorov, Microstructure and optical properties of thermally evaporated very thin silver films
S. Alexandrova, A. Szekeres, E. Valcheva, Silicon surface modified by H+ ion plasma immersion implantation and thermal oxidation
11 M. Milanova, P. Vitanov, P. Terziyska, G. Koleva, C. Barthou, B. Clerjaud, Study of LPE grown dilute nitride GaInAsN layers with small concentration of Nitrogen by PL and Hall effect measurements
12 L. Bedikyan, S. Zakhariev, M. Zakharieva, UV selective photodetector based on nanosized TiO2 layers (185Kb)
13 A. Hristova, T. Dimov, I. Iliev, Impurity absorption in uniaxial gyrotropic crystals of magnesium sulfite hexahydrate (461Kb)
14 G. S. Valchev, V. M. Vassilev, P. A. Djondjorov, On different models describing the equilibrium shape of erythrocyte (461Kb)
15 I. Petrova, E. Ivanov, R. Kotsilkova, Structure and properties of polypropylene containing organo-clay and carbon nanotubes as fillers (461Kb)
16 A. Guzhova, M. Galikhanov, Charge depth in polylactic acid electret filled with fine filler (461Kb)
17 V. Dryakhalov, T. Shaikhiev, I. Shaikhiev, I. Zagidullina, B. Bonev, V. Nenov, Intensification of breaking of water-in-oil emulsions by membranes treated in the area of corona discharge or in the plasma flow (461Kb)
18 A. Guzhova, T. Yovcheva, A. Viraneva, Study of polylactic acid corona electrets (461Kb)
19 A. Viraneva, T. Yovcheva, K. Krezhov, S. Sotirov, Electret stability of gamma irradiated PP and PET films (461Kb)
20 M. Marudova, E. Delcheva, G. Zsivanovits, Mechanical properties of composite films based on chitosan and poly(L-lactic acid) (461Kb)
21 P. Petkova, P. Vasilev, M. Mustafa, V. Nedkov, J. Tacheva, Y. Tzoukrovsky, Optical spectra of the complexes [M(H2O)6]2+ and MSO3–(H2O)2 (M = Ni2+) (461Kb)
22 D. L. Lyutov, G. G. Tsutsumanova, S. C. Russev, Ellipsometry of micro-objects and structures (461Kb)
23 S. A. Hadjiiski, D. L. Lyutov, K. M. Kirilov, K. V. Genkov, G. G. Tsutsumanova, A. N. Tzonev, S. C. Russev, Ellipsometric detection of optically and electron-beam induced changes in the optical properties of materials (461Kb)
24 K. V. Genkov, G. G. Tsutsumanova, S. A. Hadjiiski, A. N. Tzonev, D. L. Lyutov, S. C. Russev, Electronbeam annealing of micro-sized objects and structures in SEM (461Kb)
25 Ts. Mihailova, S. Nedev, E. Toshkov, A. Stoyanov, Structural and electro-physical parameters of n-GaAs (461Kb)
26 E. Valcheva, G. Yordanov, Low temperature photoluminescence studies of colloidal CdSe nanocrystals (461Kb)
27 V. Jelev, P. Petkov, Iv. Markova, T. Petrov, Thin films of metal oxides for preparing of a position sensitive photodetector (461Kb)
28 N. Petkov, Predicting the erosion of the cathode material in PVD systems (461Kb)
29 M. Shopova, M. S. Kim, Y. Ban, J. Cai, Q. Li, S. Liu, S. Qian, D. Wang, Z. Xu, F. Zhang, Y. Choi, D. Kim, J. Goh, S. Choi, B. Hong, J. W. Kang, M. Kang, J. H. Kwon, K. S. Lee, S. K. Lee, S. K. Park, L. M. Pant, A. K. Mohanty, R Chudasama, J. B. Singh, V. Bhatnagar, A. Mehta, R. Kumar, S. Cauwenbergh, S. Costantini, A. Cimmino, S. Crucy, A. Fagot, G. Garcia, A. Ocampo, D. Poyraz, S. Salva, F. Thyssen, M. Tytgat, N. Zaganidis, W. V. Doninck, L. Chaparro, A. Cabrera, J. P. Gomez, B. Gomez, J. C. Sanabria, C. Avila, A. Ahmad, S. Muhammad, M. Shoaib, H. Hoorani, I. Awan, I. Ali, W. Ahmed, M. I. Asghar, H. Shahzad, A. Sayed, A. Ibrahim, S. Aly, Y. Assran, A. Radi, T. Elkafrawy, A. Sharma, S. Colafranceschi, M. Abbrescia, C. Calabria, A. Colaleo, G. Iaselli, F. Loddo, M. Maggi, S. Nuzzo, G. Pugliese, R. Radogna, R. Venditti, P. Verwillingen, L. Benussi, S. Bianco, D. Piccolo, P. Paolucci, S. Buontempo, N. Cavallo, M. Merola, F. Fabozzi, O. M. Iorio, A. Braghieri, P. Montagna, C. Riccardi, P. Salvini, P. Vitulo, I. Vai, A. Magnani, A. Dimitrov, L. Litov, B. Pavlov, P. Petkov, A. Aleksandrov, V. Genchev, P. Iaydjiev, M. Rodozov, G. Sultanov, S. Stoykova, R. Hadjiiska, H. S. Ibarg¨uen, M. I. P. Morales, S. C. Bernardino, I. Bagaturia, Z. Tsamalaidze, I. Crotty, Resistive plate chambers for the LS1 muon upgrade in CMS experiment at LHC (461Kb)
30 E. Popov, T. Troev, L. Petrov, K. Berovski, S. Peneva, B. Kolev, Model calculations of positron interaction in materials for ITER (461Kb)
31 D. Suvarieva, M. Ilieva, V. Kolesnikov, V. Vasendina, A. Zinchenko, A feasibility study of hyperon measurements in Au-Au collisions at NICA/MPD (461Kb)
32 L. S. Yordanova for the MPD Collaboration, Feasibility study of f(1020) roduction at NICA/MPD (461Kb)
33 V. Babkin, S. Bazylev, O. Batenkov, P. Dulov, V. Golovatyuk, S. Lobastov, V. Petrov, M. Rumyantsev, A. Schipunov, A. Shutov, I. Slepnyov, V. Slepnyov, A. Veschikov, S. Volgin, V. Yurevich, Fast detectors for the MPD/NICA time-of-flight system (461Kb)
34 M. S. Yavahchova, D. Tonev, N. Goutev, G. de Angelis, P. Petkov, R. K. Bhowmik, R. P. Singh, S. Muralithar, N. Madhavan, R. Kumar, M. Kumar Raju, J. Kaur, G. Mohanto, A. Singh, N. Kaur, R. Garg, A. Sukla, Ts. K. Marinov, S. Brant, Does chirality exist in nuclei? The case of 102Rh (461Kb)
35 Ts. Lazarova, D. Kovacheva, T. Ruskov, S. Atanasova-Vladimirova, P. Krastev, N. Tanev, Composite thin films of nanosized CoFe2O4 in polymer matrix (461Kb)
36 M. Ilieva, V. Kolesnikov, D. Suvarieva, V. Vasendina, A. Zinchenko, Hypernuclei reconstruction at NICA/MPD: a feasibility study (461Kb)
37 N. S. Geraksiev for the MPD collaboration, Feasibility of flow studies at NICA/MPD (461Kb)
38 B. Marinova, N. Javadov, I. Tyapkin, Monte Carlo study of the electromagnetic calorimeter optimization for MPD/NICA (461Kb)
39 V. Filev, R. C. Rashkov, T. Vetsov, Holographic mesons in Pilch-Warner geometry (461Kb)
40 B. G. Dimitrov, Manoff’s generalized deviation equation and its possible applications in celestial mechanics and relativistic astrometry (461Kb)
41 E. S. Pisanova, S. I. Ivanov, Non-universal critical properties of the ferromagnetic mean spherical model with long-range interaction (461Kb)
42 A. Angelow, E. Stoyanova, Fundamental quantum limit in Mach-Zehnder interferometer (461Kb)
43 R. S. Kamburova, M. T. Primatarowa, Scattering of solitons from point defects in two coupled Ablowitz- Ladik chains (461Kb)
44 I. K. Ivanov, Application of finite-difference method for numerical investigation of eigenmodes of anisotropic optical waveguides with an arbitrary tensor (461Kb)
45 N. Dobrev, E. Botev, V. Protopopova, I. Georgiev, D. Dimitrov, Seismicity and nowadays movements along some active faults in SW Bulgaria (461Kb)
46 D. Solakov, Biased magnitude estimates – impact on the magnitude-frequency distribution assessment (461Kb)
47 D. Gospodinov, RETAS model software to identify the best fit model version of aftershock temporal decay (461Kb)
48 G. D. Georgieva, Crustal and upper mantle structure in the southen part of the Moesian platform obtained by data from seismic stations MPE, PVL and SZH (461Kb)
49 J. S. Stoyanova, I. A. Zamfirov, Land surface state anomalies and related severe meteorological phenomena (461Kb)
50 A. I. Ivanov, Harmonic analysis of tide gauge data 2013-2014 in Bulgaria (461Kb)
51 N. Nikolov, A. L. Pandelova, Calculation of oxygen concentration in the Black Sea using data from Argo automatic profiling floats (461Kb)
52 D. Krezhova, S. Maneva, I. Moskova, K. Krezhov, Hyperspectral remote sensing applications for early stress detection of young plants (461Kb)
53 P. L. Nedialkov, Extinction and massive stellar population in Andromeda galaxy (461Kb)
54 T. M. Mishonov, N. I. Zahariev, R. V. Topchiyska, B. V. Lazov, S. B. Mladenov, Heating of the solar corona by Alfv´en waves – self-induced opacity (461Kb)
55 E. Marekova, Temporal variations of the fractal properties of seismicity (461Kb)
56 L. Dimitrova, D. Solakov, S. Simeonova, I. Aleksandrova, System of Earthquakes Alert (SEA) in the Romania-Bulgaria cross border region (461Kb)
57 S. Simeonova, D. Solakov, I. Aleksandrova, P. Raykova, V. Protopopova, The 2012 Mw5.6 earthquake in Sofia seismic zone and some characteristics of the aftershock sequence (461Kb)
58 L. Bocheva, I. Gospodinov, Tornado climatology for Bulgaria (2001-2010) (461Kb)
59 R. I. Penchev, E. L. Peneva, Use of the numerical simulations with weather forecast model WRF as a proxy to atmospheric soundings (461Kb)
60 S. Nikolov, H. Fabritius, M. Fri´ak, D. Raabe, Integrated multiscale modeling approach for hierarchical biological nanocomposites applied to lobster cuticle (461Kb)
61 G. Zamfirova, S. Cherneva, V. Gaydarov, T. Vladkova, Influence of crosslinking on micromechanical characteristics of liquid silicone rubber. Numerical simulations of microindentation process (461Kb)
62 Y. Ivanova, V. Vassilev, P. Djondjorov, S. Djoumaliisky, Experimental-theoretical approach to the identification of effective sound attenuation panels from recycled materials (461Kb)
63 L. Lazov, H. Deneva, Investigation on the influence of the process parameters power and velocity to laser cutting of lamellae (461Kb)
64 Ya. Gluhcheva, T. L. Dimitrova, R. Dukova, N. Zheleva, I. Koleva, E. Encheva, Dosimetry acceptance test of linear accelerator Varian Clinac iX (461Kb)
65 Ts. Genova, E. Borisova, L. Angelova, Al. Zhelyazkova, M. Keremedchiev, N. Penkov, B. Vladimirov, L. Avramov, Excitation-emission matrices for detection of colorectal tumors – initial investigations (461Kb)
66 Ya. Andreeva, E. Borisova, Ts. Genova, Al. Zhelyazkova, L. Avramov, Synchronous fluorescence spectroscopy for analysis of vegetable oils (461Kb)
67 Kr. Nikolova, T. Eftimov, G. Antova, Zh. Petkova, Optical properties of oil extracts of Bulgarian herbs (461Kb)
68 D. Kiradzhiyska, R. Mantcheva, D. Mileva, T. Yovcheva, A. Viraneva, On the influence of some factors on the functional properties of electrogalvanic coatings promising for medical applications (461Kb)
69 G. Malchev, Project-based teaching in physics and its implementation for creating a website (461Kb)
70 R. I. Vassileva, Technological and methodological aspects of the acquisition of concepts in the process of physics education (461Kb)
71 Ts. Ts. Hristova, Innovative practices and technologies in educational projects of European Schoolnet and the project “Scientix” (461Kb)
72 Zh. Raykova, Possibilities of the inquiry based approach to built motivation for studying sciences (461Kb)
73 Hr. Petrova, Formation of meta-subject knowledge and skills in the process of training in physics in the secondary school (461Kb)
74 N. Vakrilov, A. Andonova, Innovative heat transfer analysis of LED modules by thermal simulations (461Kb)
75 K. Katsarova, R. Kaleva-Levi, Application of the scientific research approach in science education in Language School “Plovdiv” (461Kb)
76 D. Stoyanova, N. Kafadarova, S. Stoyanova-Petrova, Enhancing student learning in natural sciences through mobile augmented reality technology (461Kb)