Bulgarian Chemical Communications, Volume 48, Number 1, 2016
M. Durgun, Ş. P. Yalçın, H. Türkmen, M.Akkurt, E. Eroğlu, Structural study of 4-(2-morpholinoethanoylamino)-benzenesulfonamide by X-ray diffraction technique and DFT calculations
S. R. Kuchekar, Y. S. Shelar, S. D. Pulate, S. H. Han, Rapid determination of tellurium(IV) by ultraviolet spectrophotometry using o-methylphenyl thiourea as a new chromogenic ligand
P. Ozkahya, B. Camur-Elipek, Nutrient contents and physicochemical properties of well waters in Meric (Maritsa) river basin at Turkish Thrace
A. S. Milenkovic-Andjelković, M. Z. Andjelković, A. N. Radovanović, B. C. Radovanović, V. Randjelović, Phenol composition, radical scavenging activity and antimicrobial activity of berry leaf extracts
A. Alexandrova, E. Tsvetanova, E. Naydenova, L. Vezenkov, T. Pajpanovа, Comparative study of the antioxidant activity of some nociceptin analogues
A. S. A. Shalaby, A. D. Staneva, L. I. Aleksandrov, R. S. Iordanova, Y. B. Dimitriev, Preparation, characterization and thermal stability of reduced graphene oxide/ silicate nanocomposite
G. Stavrakov, I. Philipova, V. Valcheva, G. Momekov, Isobornylamine and bornylamine derived amides – synthesis, antimycobacterial activity and cytotoxicity
Sv. Momchilova, S. Arpadjan, E. Blagoeva, Accumulation of microelements Cd, Cu, Fe, Mn, Pb, Zn in walnuts (Juglans regia L.) depending on the cultivar and the harvesting year
G.M. Nitulescu, G. Nedelcu, A. Buzescu, O.T. Olaru, Aminopyrazoles as privileged structures in anticancer drug design - an in silico study
R. Raicheff, M. Mladenov, L. Stoyanov, N. Boshkov, V. Bachvarov, Novel current collector and active mass carrier of the zinc electrode for alkaline nickel-zinc batteries
M. Simsek, Chemical, mineral, and fatty acid compositions of various types of walnut (Juglans regia L.) in Turkey
12 F. Ahmed, R. Dewani, M. K. Pervez, S. J. Mahboob, S. A. Soomro, Non-destructive FT-IR analysis of mono azo dyes
13 S. Voskanyan, G. Pchelarov, R. Rashkov, K. Petrov, Co and W alloys as catalysts for evolution of H2 at elevated temperatures
14 S. Voskanyan, A. Tzanev, N. Shroti, G. Pchelarov, K. Petrov, Zirconium, cerium and yttrium on Ti cathodes for evolution of H2 in an acid electrolyte
15 A. Benderev, T. Kerestedjian, R. Atanassova, B. Mihaylova, V. S. Singh, Dynamics and evolution of water and soil pollution with heavy metals in the vicinity of the KCM smelter, Plovdiv area, Bulgaria
16 M. H. Hadizadeh, DFT study of carbon monoxide adsorption on zinc oxide nanocone
17 F. Leng, S. Sun, Y. Jing, F. Wang, Q. Wei, X. Wang, X. Zhu, A rapid and sensitive method for determination of trace amounts of glucose by anthrone-sulfuric acid method
18 P. Krastev, Thermomechanical properties of polyamide-6/polypropylene glycol copolymers with mineral additives
19 Y. Anzabi, A. Khaki, A. Rasoli, S. Ebrahimpour, F. Fallah Rostami, Antibacterial properties of essential oils and methanol extracts of Ziziphora tenuior Lam. (a native plant) in pre-flowering stage against isolated bacteria from urogenital tract infections
20 V.V. Tkach, R. Ojani, V.V. Nechyporuk, P.I. Yagodynets’, Al. M. da Rocha, Cathodic and anodic potentiostatic polypyrrole electrodeposition in strongly acid media. Theoretical and experimental comparison
21 V. L. Strashilov, G. E. Alexieva, G. G. Tsutsumanova, I. N. Kolev, I. D. Avramov, Gas adsorption on ZnO nanowires as studied by surface acoustic wave resonators
22 O. M. Figurka, O. Sv. Yaremkevych, Z. V. Gubriy, S. V. Khomyak, V. P. Novikov, Synthesis and properties of 3-amino-2-(3,5-di-tert-buthyl-4-hydroxyphenil)-1,4-naphthoquinones
23 G. Teng , L. Zhao , X. Li, Determination of voriconazole in human plasma by liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry
24 X. Zhao, C. Wei, J. Zhong, J. Li, Physiological functions and extraction technology of Lycopene - a natural antioxidant
25 F. Leng, Y. Jing, Q. Wei, Y. Wang, Y. Lv, X.Wang, X. Zhu, Spectrophotometric method for determination of trace aluminum with application of Alizarin Red S
26 Z. N. Berberler, M. E. Berberler, Edge eccentric connectivity index of nanothorns