Bulgarian Chemical Communications, Volume 48, Special Issue-A, 2016
  Editors Preface
D.S. Ivanova, J.K. Angarska, E.D. Manev, Kinetic and equilibrium properties of foam films stabilized by mixtures of n-dodecyl-β-D-maltoside with nonionic or ionic surfactants
I.K. Terziyski, R.K. Todorov, D.R. Exerowa, Influence of corticosteroids on formation and stability of thin liquid films from pulmonary therapeutic preparations
S.A. Alexandrov, R. K. Todorov, A. G. Jordanova, Z. I. Lalchev, D. R. Exerowa, Foam films stabilized with lysophosphatidylglycerol in the presence of Na+ and Ca2+
T.D. Andreeva, A.K. Danailova, P. Terziyska, S.B. Krumova, S.G. Taneva, R. Krastev, Hofmeister anions effect on the thickness and morphology of polyelectrolyte multilayers for biofunctionalization of cardiovascular stents
F.V. Hodzhaoglu, M. Conejero-Muriel, I. L. Dimitrov, J. A. Gavira, Optimization of the classical method for nucleation and growth of rhombohedral insulin crystals by pH titration and screening
E. Petkucheva, E. Lefterova, J. Heiss, U. Schnakenberg, E. Slavcheva, Influence of the gold sub-layer on the catalytic properties of magnetron sputtered Pt and Ir thin films
7 I.V. Slivkov, D.L. Lyutov, Z.Pl. Pancheva, L.G. Lyutov, A new method for synthesis of a new class reducing agent with expected application in nanotechnology
8 M.T. Peshova, V.D. Bachvarov, S.D. Vitkova, N.S. Boshkov, Obtaining and protective properties of passive films on Zn and Zn-Fe-P ternary alloys
N.D. Boshkova, P.D. Petrov, N.S. Boshkov, Obtaining and comparative corrosion characterization of composite zinc and zinc alloy coatings with embedded stabillized polymeric micelles
10 G.S. Chalakova, M.D. Datcheva, R.Z. Iankov, A.I. Baltov, D.S. Stoychev, Comparative study via nanoindentation of the mechanical properties of conversion corrosion protective layers on aluminum formed in Cr6+-containing and Cr6+-free solutions
11 V.I. Karabozhikova, V.Ts. Tsakova, Silver electrocrystallization at PEDOT-coated electrodes –interpretation of current transients
12 S. Pehlivanova, Ch. Petkov, A. Surleva, P. Petkov, C. Popov, T. Petkova, Diamond electrodes for wastewater treatment
13 S.G. Harizanova, E.N. Zhecheva, M.G. Khristov, V. D. Valchev, R.K. Stoyanova, Thermoelectric oxide materials based on cobalt perovskites
14 Sv.G. Ivanova, E.N. Zhecheva, R.K. Stoyanova, Sodium deficient transition metal oxides Na1/2Co1/3Ni1/3Mn1/3O2 as alternative electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries
15 M. Kalapsazova, R. Stoyanova, E. Zhecheva, Effect of the synthesis procedure on the electrochemical properties of Na2/3Ni1/2Mn1/2O2 used as an electrode material in lithium-ion batteries
16 S.V. Boycheva, D.M. Zgureva, Surface studies of fly ash zeolites via adsorption/desorption isotherms