Bulgarian Chemical Communications, Volume 48, Number 3, 2016
S.Zhou, H. Kuai, Y. Gu, W. Zhou, A. Li, Mechanism of hydrogen transfer from 1-methylbutyl peroxide to hydroxyl radical
S.Salahi, M. T. Maghsoodlou, N. Hazeri, M. Lashkari, R. Doostmohammadi, A.Kanipour, F. Farhadpour, A. Shojaei, Two ammonium ionic liquids as efficient catalysts for the one-pot green synthesis of 3,4,5- substituted furan-2(5H)-ones
M. T. Maghsoodlou, M. Karima, M. Lashkari, B. Adrom, N. Hazeri, Convenient approach for the one-pot, threecomponent synthesis of 1-(benzothiazolylamino)methyl-2-naphthol using fumaric acid as a green catalyst
M. Alikarami, M. Ghasemian, BTPPC-catalyzed one-pot synthesis of 1,4-dihydropyridine derivatives via Hantzsh condensation under solvent-free conditions
F.Kanwal, R. Rehman, S. Rasul, K. Liaqat, Chromium(VI) removal from water by using polyaniline biocomposites with Madhuca longifolia and Szygium cumini leaves
M. L. Valcheva-Traykova, G. S. Bocheva, Effect of ultraviolet radiation on the free radicals formation in hypothyroid rat’s liver
R.Fazaeli, H3PW12O40 (PW12) encapsulated on cotton-like mesoporous (CLM) silica as an efficient, reusable nano photocatalyst for the decolorization of Rhodamine B
A.M. Amani, H. Sepehrian, A novel eco-friendly method for the synthesis of 2,3-dihydroquinazolin-4(1H)-ones in aqueous media under ultrasonication using ZrOCl2-MCM-41 as a highly efficient nanocatalyst/nanoreactor
N.Singh, A. Ahmad, Spectroscopic studies of charge-transfer complexes of 2,3-dichloro-5,6-dicyano-p-benzoquinone with p-nitroaniline
M. Shoaib, S. W. A. Shah, N. Ali, I. Shah, M. N. Umar, Shafiullah, M. N. Tahir, M. Ghias, Synthetic flavone derivatives. An antibacterial evaluation and structure-activity relationship study
M. Bordbar, F. Khodaie, M. Tabatabaee, A.Y. Faal, Z. Mehrilighvan, S. M. Ganji, Interaction studies of DNA binding with a new Cu(II) complex by spectrophotometric, spectrofluorometric, voltammetric and circular dichroism techniques
12 A.Gholizadeh, A. Malekzadeh, M. Ghiasi, Structural, magnetic and catalytic properties of Co substituted manganite nano-perovskites
13 S. R. Hassan, N. Q. Zaman, I. Dahlan, Performance study of compartment-wise behaviour of modified anaerobic hybrid baffled (MAHB) reactor
14 D.A.Baiseitov, M.I.Tulepov, L.R.Sassykova, Sh.E.Gabdrashova, G.A.Essen, K.K.Kudaibergenov, Z.A.Mansurov, Sorption capacity of oil sorbent for the removal of thin films of oil
15 I.K. Mihailova, S. V. Dimitrova, D. D. Stoyanova, D. R. Mehandjiev, Influence of the carrier phase composition on the catalytic activity of copper-cobalt oxides deposited on slag glass-ceramics
16 S.Ivanova, D. Tsvetkova, Validation of a TLC-densitometric method for quality control in drug combinations
17 P. A. Gateva, V. T .Angelova, R. T. Georgieva-Nikolova, T. R. Veselinov, V. H. Nankova, M. M. Nikolova5, R. K.Hadjiolova, M. P. Slavova, Synthetic cannabimimetics detected in smoking blends on the Bulgarian territory – toxicological significance
18 Á. Révés, C. Szilágyi, T. Spassov, Hydrogen sorption of magnesium plates deformed by surface mechanical attrition treatment
19 M. Lefahal, M. Benahmed,L. Djarri, N. Zaabat, E. H. Anne, M. Kamel, M.-G. D. Franca, H. Laouer, S. Akkal, Chemical composition of Limonium thouinii (viv.) kuntze (plumbaginaceae) and the DPPH free radical scavenging activity
20 O. İsmail, Ö. G. Kocabay, Evaluation of the drying methods and conditions with respect to drying kinetics, colour quality and specific energy consumption of thin layer pumpkins
21 Z.-L. Yao, Y.-P. Pei, Z.-Y. Luo, R.-H. Hu, Y.-X. Yang, Wen-Tong Chen, Preparation, characterization and fluorescence of two cadmium compounds with different extended structures
22 W.Abbas, Hazem Ali Attia, Mostafa A. M. Abdeen, Non-darcyeffecton non-newtonian Bingham fluid with heat transfer between two parallel plates
23 T. Mahmood1, J. Ahmed2*, A. Shahzad2, R. Ali3,Z. Iqbal, Convective heat transfer of viscous fluid over a stretching sheet embedded in a thermally stratified medium
24 E .A. Velcheva, Z. I. Glavcheva, B.A. Stamboliyska, IR spectral and structural changes caused by the conversion of acetanilide into azanion
25 A.I. Gisbrecht, M.M. Asimov, Kinetics of laser-induced photodissociation of oxyhemoglobin and its biomedical applications
26 A.Mirabi, M. R. Jamali, Q. Kazemi, Determination of trace amounts of manganese in water samples by flame atomic absorption spectrometry after dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction
27 Q.-W. Chang, J. Li, C.-X. Yan, J. Jiang, J.-L. Chen, Q.-S. Ye, J. Yu, W.-P. Liu, A new synthesis method and photophysical properties of Ir(C^N)3 cyclometalated iridium phosphorescent complexes
28 Y. G. Wang, Y. J. Jing, Q. W. Wei, H. Ma, Y. L. Wang, X. L. Wang, F. F. Leng, Preparation and modification of peanut shells and their application for heavy metals adsorption
29 W.Gao, W. F. Wang, M. K. Jamil, R. Farooq, M. R. Farahani, Generalized atom-bond connectivity analysis of several chemical molecular graphs
30 W.L. Xu, Y.N. Yang, J.Wang, M. Tang, Y.Jian, X.J. Pei, Organic matter removal performance and mechanism in the Constructed Rapid Infiltration System
31 Y. B. Huang, Q. Qiu, C. Y. Niu, H. Q. Gao, C. Huang, S. X. Tu, Performance, synthesis and removal of Vanadium on Ferruginous Manganese composite material
32 M.W. Mushtaq, M. Imran, S. Bashir, F. Kanwal, L. Mitu, Synthesis, structural and biological studies of cobalt ferrite nanoparticles
33 B. Eren, Y. Y. Gurkan, The most stable transition state complexes of the aminotoluene molecule